Monday 24 September 2018

How to make Ireland’s Rich List with Euromillions

The people who populate Ireland’s Rich List all have one thing in common – they’re all rich.

Beyond that you’ll find people who have made their fortunes in many different ways. There are those who have inherited their wealth, those who've earned it and those who’ve increased it.

But there’s only one sure way to make Ireland’s Rich List.

Win EuroMillions!

As you buy your ticket, here’s some ideas of how you might choose to spend it – because with a EuroMillions win you need to make sure you have dreams big enough to share.


Tee time

Ireland’s Rich List is littered with golfing fanatics, it’s almost part and parcel of making the list in the first place. From the professional brilliance of Ireland’s wealthiest sportperson Rory McIlroy to his golfing obsessed and almost omnipresent side kick and popstar Niall Horan, and even Ireland’s second wealthiest woman Freddie Linnett, golf seems to be more than just a game for many on the Rich List.

Just imagine what you could do with your place assured on the list thanks to a EuroMillions win. Imagine creating your own course and opening it up to everyone. Imagine hosting a world class tournament for the benefit of your golfing obsessed mates or just imagine a casual Saturday 18 on your favourite course – Augusta.


A different club altogether

Staying on the sporting theme, the other obsession that rises to the fore is football. We’re talking owning not playing. Which is exactly what a EuroMillions win could bring to you.

That would put you in the illustrious company of businessman Ellis Short – who, for his troubles, owns Premier League side Sunderland and Dermot Desmond whose passion for Celtic is well known and well shown.

Maybe your win could bring some much needed joy to your favourite local team. Maybe it’s not too big a dream to have Wayside Celtic playing in the Champions League, signing top talent and being coached by Messi (it’s going to take a while). Sure you could start with Rich-Lister Robbie Keane, I hear he is on the lookout for a new club!

Gulfstream Jet.jpg

Get about a bit

You’ll be doing a bit of travel as a richlister – particularly if you go for that island option. In fact, it can even get you onto the list – Maureen Wheeler made her fortune from travel guides! But wherever you go there’s really only one way to get around.

A private jet. Denis O’Brien uses his own Gulfstream to get to and from meetings and for nipping across the Atlantic, while the world’s youngest self-made billionaire Limerick man John Collison flies himself about.

Imagine running your jet as a shuttle between Ireland and wherever you choose to spend the rest of your time, there’d be no complaints about the leg room.


Take your time

While there’s a lot to be said for the Jet option it’s not the only method of travel you could choose. A little slower but no less enticing is the option of a boat. Not a Ferry now, though you could buy one and fit it out rather nicely but rather a yacht.

You’d be in good company too with Paul Coulson, John Grayken and of course Formula 1 officianado Eddie Jordan all obsessed by that particular method of travel, or relaxation depending on how you look at it. And to start your search for the perfect boat, you could talk to Lorraine Twohill Google’s Head of Marketing!

Make sure it’s a big one though, there’s really no point in having all that fun if there aren’t plenty of friends around to share it with.

Michael Flatley.jpg

Go for the Island

No Millionaire is complete without a home that befits their status in life. Singer Enya is comfortably residing in Manderley Castle set in leafy Killiney surrounded by even leafier gardens. Michael Flatley made himself comfortable in Castlehyde – a mansion and 150 acre estate overlooking the River Blackwater (that’s for sale for a mere €20 Million if you’re interested after your win).

Hilary Weston and family own their own private island in a National Park in Canada. For us though, Donal, hero of the EuroMillions ad had the best idea of the lot – buy an island that we can all call home.

There’s a lot that could be done with a EuroMillions win. Take your dream and then just make it big enough to share. But first get your ticket for Friday's EuroMillions draw – in-store, in- app or at #ShareTheDream

Play responsibly, Play for Fun.

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