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How to get the right carpet for your home

Finding the right carpet is about more than just picking a colour or deciding how much you have to spend.

The right flooring choices can tie a room together, enhance the atmosphere of your home and make it easy to keep your home looking great. So if you’re planning to give a room a makeover or want to fit out your new home, what do you need to know?

We spoke with Craig Britton of Matt Britton Carpets to get some expert advice on finding the best fit when it comes to flooring.

Cut your carpet to fit your budget

The key to getting the best carpets for your home is to cut your cloth, or your carpet in this case, to fit your budget. It’s all about spending more money in the right places.

“Everyone has a budget so we want to achieve the best appearance in their home and match their budget but also give them the right products,” explains Craig. “What I mean by that is to go with higher quality carpets in living rooms or staircases and then, if necessary, you can go down in quality in the likes of bedrooms.

“It’s key to have a really, really good quality carpet in high traffic areas, ie hallways, living rooms, staircases and that kind of thing.”

Spending more in these high traffic areas will ensure that your carpets last longer and age better so it pays to focus your funds on the areas that get the most use.

Work out what you want

Most of us would need a little help when it comes to flooring choices so getting some expert advice is always a good idea. For instance, Matt Briton Carpets will take you through their range of styles and options, offer practical advice but they’ll also give you access to a colour consultant to help you with your decision.

The first thing to work out is what kind of flooring you need in your home. For example, a carpet that suits a modern city apartment is not necessarily going to work in a country manor.

“The first key questions for customers coming into our store is the style - what the client wants visually or aesthetically - and a hugely important part is what area of the home the carpet is going in,” explains Craig.

They’ll take the customer through the different styles, the best options for their space and the various options on offer. The five traditional carpet styles are plain velvet, a twist, a patterned carpet, a woven Axminister and a striped carpet but Britton Carpets offer bespoke options among their extensive range.


The best flooring finds the balance between function and design – you’ll probably want a carpet that’s easily cleaned or particularly hardwearing for a kid’s room, for instance. It may be that carpet isn’t always the best option, depending on your needs.

“Naturally, hardwood flooring is very big on the ground floor,” says Craig. “We would have all your chevron, herringbone and high end, engineered products, plank and commercial grade laminate.

“It’s down to, in a lot of cases, practicality. If they have a lot of young kids or maybe have animals in the home, they might prefer to go with commercial grade laminate floor which would be the next best thing to a natural product. The really high spec ones look incredibly well, they’re incredibly durable, incredibly practical and there’s literally no maintenance.”

Look to current trends for inspiration

Certain patterns or colours will inevitably go in and out of style but the way that people are using carpets in their home is also evolving.

“If you look at all the beautiful fresh greys, greige, hint of blues, greens and all your vibrant colours, trends are changing in carpets every day,” says Craig.

Having different colours of carpets in every room has also been phased out in favour of a more holistic approach that uses the same colour or design throughout a floor.

“So what’s happening with design is that rooms are being accessorised a lot better than they’ve ever been but the floor covering remains consistent instead of having a mass of different colours that don’t go together.

“It’s one consistent carpet. It’s relatively rare that you would do different colours in four bedrooms for instance, albeit you might have different designs in the master bedroom. Years ago, it was about having a major feature on the floor. Flooring is a feature but it has to be consistent with the home and to flow really well throughout.”

Another recent trend is to use a carpet to turn your staircase into an exciting centrepiece in your home.

“Staircases now are being really dressed up, no different to your living room. It’s the entrance to 90pc of our homes so to have a really pretty staircase with a nice feature carpet makes a world of difference.

“What’s really in trend at the moment is that geometric herringbone type of carpet that’s impactful, beautiful and that gives you many options then leading off into living sections or bedrooms.

“We’d do a lot of really nice designs - striped carpets, runners, centrepieces - and a lot of our own designed collections are bespoke pieces for staircases. A lot of staircases can look bland so to make a feature of a staircase in a home is very much the way that we drive our clients.”

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