Tuesday 20 March 2018

Helena, Yasmin and Eva, where are they now?

These three were synonymous with glamour in the 90s heyday of super model fashion. And fortunately, they haven’t gone away.

Back in the days of the glamazon super model, when the Fashion world beamed a brave new world of fashion from the catwalks of Milan, Paris and New York into millions of homes, when Helena, Eva and Yasmin graced the covers of every single glossy magazine from Elle to Vogue and everything in between, we looked up to these women with a mix of awe, admiration and envy. They had it all.

We consoled ourselves with the knowledge that time waits for no man. That, while they were looking breathtakingly beautiful (no matter what they wore, with makeup or without), sooner or later they would face the reality we all have to, that you can’t keep your looks forever.

Well, we were wrong. Helena Christensen, Yasmin Le Bon and Eva Herzigova have, if anything improved with age. It would seem that beauty, class and glamour are timeless. So again with a mixture of disappointment and unbridled admiration we see how these women look utterly gorgeous.

Helena Christensen, 47

Helena has done it all. She’s modelled for every major fashion house, and appeared on the cover of Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, W. However, there’s a lot more to Helena than the super model we all know about and in the years since her ubiquitous success on the catwalks, she’s become a vocal supporter of women’s issues and the environment. Helena, whose mother was born in Peru and father hails from Denmark has also returned to the Peruvian Andes to campaign on climate change and to get back to her roots through her photography of the locals. Helena has also made a difference here in Ireland as she launched the second Fashion Targets Breast Cancer campaign which involves the sale of exclusive designer t-shirts to raise millions for Ireland's Action Breast Cancer (Irish Cancer Society) and Europa Donna Ireland to help younger women with breast cancer.

Yasmin Le Bon, 51

The doe-eyed beauty of Iranian and English heritage was THE 80s IT girl appearing on the covers of Vogue, V, I.D., Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and Harper's Bazaar among others. While she makes up half of one of the most glamorous/famous couples in the world with husband Duran Duran’s Simon Le Bon, she balances her role of active fashion model and designer with the altogether more challenging and important role of earth mother to three beautiful daughters – Amber, Saffron Sahara and Tulullah Pine.

Eva Herzigova

The Czech ice queen is best known for appearing in that traffic-stopping “Hello Boys” first Wonderbra ad recently voted in at number 10 in a "Poster of the Century" contest. Eva has maintained her flawless beauty despite being mother to three sons George (10), Philipe (6) and Edward (4).



Helena Christensen, Yasmin Le Bon and Eva Herzigova all appear in the Debenhams’ Womens’  Autumn 2016 campaign.


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