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Healthcare sector recruitment initiative to create over 300 support roles nationwide


With people from all communities within our society considering a new career path, these exciting new opportunities would be perfect for committed and community-centred individuals with a passion for helping others.

Nua Healthcare Services, a leading provider of intellectual disability and mental health services in Ireland, recently announced the creation of 300 new support roles, to be spread across the country in Nua’s residential accommodation centres. These care support positions are open to everyone, including those who have not worked in the healthcare field before.

Nua’s innovative ‘Educate to Employ’ programme, which has been designed to support newcomers, aims to educate and inform its participants about working within the sector and the various regulatory requirements that govern it.

It is hoped that the roles will appeal to people from a range of sectors like retail, hospitality, construction or other healthcare areas who would like a change in career. People with relevant life experience are especially encouraged to apply, as qualities such as empathy, understanding and a passion for helping others are of great importance in the care sector.

Supporting increased care needs

Nua Healthcare Services is widely acknowledged within the healthcare sector as an expert leading provider of residential care programmes for individuals with autism, intellectual disabilities, mental health conditions and behavioural difficulties in Ireland.

Founded in 2004, its first service was established in County Kildare, and focused on supporting clients with a range of intellectual disabilities (autism spectrum disorders), within a tranquil semi-rural setting which offered many therapeutic benefits. Today, Nua employs 2,000 highly dedicated and motivated people, and indirectly supports the employment of another 500 sub-contractors nationally within more than 80 individual services.

Nua announced the creation of over 300 new care support positions to facilitate much-need additional capacity within the sector for the many vulnerable men, women and children in need of services.

Life experience is a bonus

With support and training provided through the ‘Educate to Employ’ programme, applicants are encouraged to apply based on their sincere desire to make positive contributions to their communities, rather than believing that they must have prior care sector experience.

According to Nua’s Chief Operating Officer Shane Kenny, “The healthcare industry is incredibly rewarding, and our team takes great pride in making true differences to the lives of the people we support. We continually invest in all of our employees here at Nua.

"We also believe a core reason for success stems from the approach of continually training and developing staff teams. We are especially looking for people who may want to change their current career path and who believe they have compatible skills born out of relevant life experience, which will ultimately enable them to be successful in healthcare services.”

Giving back to the community


The new care support jobs are spread across services nationally, and open to everyone from all communities within society, regardless of prior experience. School leavers, social care and social studies graduates, unemployed individuals who wish to make a positive impact, and empty nesters looking to give back to their communities are all encouraged to apply.

The roles may also suit those who have previously occupied another frontline role, and would like to explore a different experience, whilst expanding their knowledge and skill sets.

Kenny further explains, “Healthcare, and especially social and rehabilitative care, is incredibly rewarding and our team takes great pride in making true differences to the lives of the people we support. Not only do we listen, but we understand.

"Nua invests in its people and encourages career advancement within the service. You don’t have to know everything, but being a caring and understanding person is a wonderful attribute and a great start.”

Nua Healthcare is an equal opportunities employer and is deeply committed to providing all new applicants with the appropriate assistance, so that they may be successful in their new career paths.

Candidates from all communities within society are encouraged to apply

The new roles will be starting immediately for Social Care Worker and Assistant Care Support roles, with applicants who are new to the sector being enrolled in the company’s ‘Educate to Employ’ programme initially. It is hoped that the roles will attract people from all sectors, including retail, hospitality, construction or other healthcare areas.

Likely to appeal to candidates from diverse backgrounds who would like a change in career or potentially a shorter commute to work, the roles may be especially attractive to those with a keen interest in making a positive contribution in their localities and who enjoy helping others.

If you would like to find out more about the 'Educate to Employ' programme, or you would like to enrol, please contact recruitment@nuahealthcare.ie or visit the website here.