Saturday 16 December 2017

Have you the right make up match for your skin?

A large proportion of Irish skin tones are described as pink or ‘cool’, while a large percentage of the world’s skintones have yellow or ‘warm’ undertones.

There are many generalisations when it comes to skin colour but how do you know your true skin shade and how do you get colour matched?

The right shade should merge

As beauty expert and Sunday Independent beauty columnist Tríona McCarthy says: “If you don’t get foundation right everything else will look wrong too. The right shade will merge with your jawline without too much blending”.

Foundation that’s too dark for skin will always look orange and 

too-heavy coverage will only emphasise fine lines. Finding the right foundation for pale skin can also be a minefield and the wrong shade can be equally unflattering.

Foundation is not designed to alter the colour of your face, but instead should even out skin tone, work in daylight and blend in well while hiding any imperfections.  When that base is right, it’s then time for bronzing, contouring and highlighting.

Which skin type are you?

So which skin type are you?  The most common skin type among Irish women is categorised in dermatology terms as ‘Fitzpatricks type 1-2’.  The Fitzpatrick Skin Type Classification system was developed in 1975 by Harvard Medical School dermatologist Thomas Fitzpatrick, MD PhD and is generally used worldwide. This skin type category is pale and burns easily and many women in Ireland are still applying foundation that is too dark for the skin tone that they were born with.

The Curse of the Celts

Known as ‘the Curse of the Celts’, Rosacea now affects more than 2 out of 10 people in Ireland. Characterised by redness and dilated blood vessels, it can affect cheeks and the forehead chin and nose and again many rosacea sufferers try to hide their condition with a darker foundation. Choosing the right match here is key and can really help to minimise the flushed look.

The Bronze Age is here to Stay

Ireland is well known as having the highest use of fake tan per capita in the world! Irish weather and the fact that we don’t get the chance to tan naturally means that Irish women often go for fake tan on their faces all year round. Again, this can lead to them mistakenly thinking that their skin tone is darker than it really is.


Match made – There’s an app for that!

Finally, for all Irish skin tones, No. 7 has launched a brand new Match Made Skin Tone analysis app – a new virtual service which helps women find the foundation shade that is just right for them.

Once the app is downloaded, achieving confidence through the perfect shade is easy. The first step is to pick up a No. 7 Match Made Skin Tone Analysis card from Boots. Using the advanced colour calibration of the card, the app cleverly uses advanced colour recognition to reveal women’s No. 7 skin-true shade.  It’s done by holding the analysis card against the jaw line and taking three separate pictures of both sides of the face. 

No. 7 Match Made reads skin colour precisely and then matches it to one of the skin true shades of foundation and concealer. Now, in addition to the skin true foundation shade, No. 7 is also recommending a range of lipstick colours to suit each shade and look.

As much as 98% of women who have tried the No. 7 Match Made Skin Tone Analysis app have agreed that they would feel more confident in the foundation shade selected for them and were satisfied that the chosen shade was suited to their natural skin tone. 

The No. 7 Match Made Skin Tone Analysis app is now available to download on iPhone and Android.  Go to



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