Wednesday 15 August 2018

Have you seen the latest Samsung smartphone? Here’s our inside track on the S8

The S8 will be available in both midnight black and orchid grey in Ireland.
The S8 will be available in both midnight black and orchid grey in Ireland.

Áine O Donnell

It was just launched today in Ireland.

The Galaxy S8 made its debut here in Ireland on April 28 and it’s a real looker. It seems like a smartphone with limitless possibilities and when Samsung say limitless, they mean that quite literally.

The S8 has an infinity display: the screen extends right to the edge of the smartphone with no annoying bezel getting in the way. This limitless screen offers immersive viewing experiences and better functionality, not to mention it looks stunning.

The latest release comes in two sizes, the S8 has a 5.8 inch screen while the S8+ is a bigger 6.2 inch model. You can get it in two colours in Ireland: midnight black and orchid grey. The limitless design not only enhances the viewing experience, it also improves functionality meaning it is more convenient to multi-task and you can use the phone easily one-handed.

You will love the new S8 from the minute you get your hands on it but don’t freak out if it takes a tumble. The S8 has Corning Gorilla Glass 5 on both the front and back making it super durable and keeps it looking good.

If that hasn’t got you dreaming of an upgrade, check out what else the S8 can do:


Selfie ready

S8 Black.jpg

For many of us, the most important feature of any phone has to be the camera. The great news is the Galaxy S8 will seriously up your selfie game. It has an 8MP F1.7 smart autofocus front camera – say goodbye to blurry pics. What about the main event? The 12MP F1.7 Dual Pixel rear camera is the best around when it comes to low-light, zoom and anti-blur. It also has enhanced image processing so your shots are always picture perfect.

Peak performance

When it comes to a Samsung smartphone, the name has become synonymous with serious performance and the Galaxy S8 is no exception. The S8 has a 10nm chip, an industry first, so expect heightened speed and efficiency to match. Out of the box, the S8 is gigabit LTE and gigabit WiFi ready.

Fun filled

Thanks to the infinity display, this smartphone has gaming and entertainment like no other. Again, the S8 is leading the field as the first mobile device to be certified by the UHD Alliance as Mobile HDR Premium. To you and me that means a viewing experience that could rival TV so you can watch the latest Netflix release just like the filmmaker intended. When it comes to gaming, the S8 has levelled-up with superior graphic technology and it comes loaded with Game Pack, featuring top titles with selected titles supported by the Vulkan API.

Lock down

The S8 is built on the cleverly named, Samsung Knox, a defence grade security platform so you can be sure your device is secure. With biometric technologies, the S8 has gone all Mission Impossible: you can either use your finger print, the iris scanner or facial recognition as a means of authentication. That way you can choose which one works best for you and show off to all your mates while you’re at it.

Orchid Grey.jpg

Great expectations

Don’t worry, the great features that Galaxy fans have come to love over the years are all part of the new S8. It has fast and wireless charging abilities, a micro SD which can hold up to 256 GB and an always on display. Not forgetting, the S8 is IP68 water and dust resistant.

Say hello to Bixby

With the launch of the S8 comes the introduction of your new best friend, Bixby. Simply using voice, touch, vision and text commands, Bixby will assist you to navigate through services and apps. You will have full use of Samsung integrated apps like your camera, contacts and messages with third party apps being added in the very near future. Just like a real friend, Bixby offers you personalised help as it learns more about your interests, situation and location. All Bixby functionality, bar the voice function, will be available at launch. This includes Bixby Vision which allows users to identify objects the camera is pointing at, Bixby Reminder and Bixby Home. Bixby Voice will be available in US English and Korean later this spring and will expand to more languages globally over time.

To infinity and beyond

While there are plenty of cool features looking at just the S8 itself, there is plenty more it can do when paired with other devices and systems. It unlocks the new Gear VR with controller which is powered by Oculus. When accessing VR content, the S8’s one handed control and navigation enhances motion interaction. With Samsung DeX you can link up your S8 to a monitor, keyboard and mouse to use your smartphone just like a desktop. It is easy to get a bit tech-overwhelmed with so many smart devices in our home but Samsung Connect can manage all your devices through one app in three easy steps.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. introduces the world to the Galaxy S8, a smartphone that pushes the boundaries of traditional smartphones with its seamless hardware design and offers a new way for users to interact with their phone. Find out more here.

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