Monday 21 October 2019

Have you been to Zagreb? Europe’s hottest city to visit this summer

Rachael Taylor Fawsitt

Croatia may be known for its stunning coastline, but did you know that it is also home to the ultimate city break destination? The city of Zagreb, which is roughly an hour’s drive from the coast, has everything you could look for in a getaway this summer.

From its beautiful Austro-Hungarian architecture to its majestic courtyards and parks, there is so much to experience once you arrive. There are also lots of events and festivals happening throughout the summer, so why not plan your trip and enjoy everything Zagreb has to offer.

With lots of events and activities centring around music, art, food and film, this city is the perfect place for those looking to have a rich cultural experience while they travel.

Here are some exciting things to add to your must-do list when visiting Zagreb in 2019.

INmusic Festival

June 24-26


This three-day music festival takes place at the end of June and will see the likes of The Cure, Garbage and Suede take to the main stage. The festival is held across three gorgeous islands and campsite comforts include lake beaches, free wi-fi and hot water showers. There are also lots of bars and food options to enjoy, as well as ample shade and greenery across each island.

Get ready to enjoy the music while the sun shines down on you all day long. With Croatian summer weather being a big attraction for tourist, you will be happy to know your wellies won’t be needed for this festival.

The Courtyards – Each one has its own story

July 12-21


The city centre has several famous courtyards, many of which will open their doors to guests during the month of July. The courtyards will be bursting with music, street food, art and much more so don’t miss your chance to step inside some of these famous areas. 

Summer on Stross— Strossmartre

May - September


Strossmartre is a series of events held all summer long in the picturesque area of Upper Town’s Strossmartre Promenade. From concerts to arts and crafts, and even the occasional dog shows, the program is varied thorough out the summer and is bound to have something for everyone.

Events are also free and run until the end of September, meaning you can catch the festivities for the next few months.

Sea of Books

June 28 – July 14


No holiday is complete without tucking into a good book while relaxing in the sunshine, and in Zagreb there is an entire festival dedicated to just that. The Sea of Books opens daily at 10am and invites you to come and enjoy music, cocktails and get lost in the pages of your favourite literature. With over 300 books to choose from, this free festival is perfect for book worms this summer.

ZG Classic 2019

June 21 – July 9


Fancy catching an opera or a choir while you relax under the beautiful Croatian night sky? For those who like a relaxed music festival vibe, be sure to visit the lawns of Tomislav Square where you can enjoy well-loved works of classical music. This popular open-air festival of classical music and opera will bring you back to the lawns of King Tomislav Square and is the perfect place to enjoy an evening or two while you visit the city.

Fantastic Zagreb Film Festival 2019

June 28 – July 6


Would you watch a horror movie in a forest? Well we know somewhere that you can. Film buffs are in for a treat during this nine-day, open-air film festival where there will be lots of interesting movies to choose from. Screenings will include a range of films from the science fiction, horror, thriller, mystery and experimental genres. The festival is held across several locations, with its most popular being in the middle of the woods. This location is walking distance from the town’s centre and has a mystic atmosphere that is ideal for the festival.

OKOLO // around

August 17 – September 1


This project is dedicated to artistic exploration of Zagreb. The goal is to bring life to a number of public city spaces by staging small interventions in the city itself. Artists will turn spaces into places where art spontaneously touches everyday city life. Hidden streets, treetops in Zagreb's parks and secluded corners of the Upper Town are just some of the places you will find internationally-acclaimed artists from France, Spain and Australia.

Everything is here for you - the rhythm of the city, the nostalgic journey, the exciting encounters, and your table for two, the joy of living and the moments you will remember. This is the summer in Zagreb.

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