Wednesday 21 February 2018

Have fun, will run: How to best train with friends

All together now.

What has always set the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon apart is the sense of family and friendship among those running.

So many of the women taking part in this year’s event are training with their friends. Training with your best mates will keep you motivated in the run up to June 5th but most importantly, it will make training fun!

Even Louise Heraghty, Vhi Fitness Support, has praised the benefits of training together: “Definitely if you aren’t already doing so run with a group or friends. It is easier when you are with someone, the time does go by quicker. Anything that makes it less of a chore for you”. 

On those dark evenings when you are tired after working, the chance to catch up with your friends while you train will have running out the door.

How exactly can you include your besties in your training? Here’s our top tips for making the 2017 Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon a team effort:

Go for a run

When you are training for the 2017 Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon, it is easy to run the same route every time you go out – it is easy to work out the distance you are running and it is close to home. While running the same route might be convenient, it can get boring even when you are out training with friends. Freshen up your session by going on a mystery tour! Nominate a member of the group to organise it and over the weekend, take a drive to somewhere different whether it is a parkrun in another town, a visit to a local park or a run on the beach. You’ll be reinvigorated and have great craic too.

Early riser

For all those bed heads, trying to make yourself a morning person can be hard. Looking out at the rain lashing on the windows while you are tucked up in bed can really put you off a morning run. Why not get your mates to make your very own breakfast running club? Knowing you will be out that morning with your friends will give you the motivation to get out of bed. If that doesn’t get you up, your mate ringing the doorbell at 7am certainly will! It might be hard to initially get out there but getting your training out of the way in the morning will leave you with your evening free and put you in great form ahead of a busy day at work. Getting out in the fresh air in the morning will make a noticeable difference to your mental health.

Tech savvy

The main obstacle when training with a big group of friends is trying to get everyone at the same place at the same time for a training session but thanks to technology, it has never been easier. You can set up a group message so everyone is up to date with the latest arrangements for your next run. Do you have a Fitbit? On the app, you can challenge your friends over the course of a week and unleash your competitive streak – you could even set a small prize for the winner to keep you all motivated. Why not update your mates via social media? You could even make your own running group hashtag but don’t forget to tag the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon accounts!

Helping hand

Just like the 2017 Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon itself, everyone in your friend group is at a different level of ability when it comes to running. If you are an experienced runner, why not take on a leadership role when you are out training with your mates? You could encourage more inexperienced members of the group and boost their confidence by supporting them in their fitness journey. If you have never run a 10k before, there is no one better to ask for advice about training than your best friends. Whether it is your organisational skills or fitness tips, everyone has something to offer!

Due to demand, closing date for entries to the 2017 Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon is now extended to Friday May 12th 2017.  Sign up today by registering online here.

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