Saturday 24 February 2018

A new, flexible and secure way to finance your new Citroën welcome to Elect 3


1. Deposit

We'll work with you to arrange a deposit payment (between 30% and 50% of the vehicle price)

2. The Guaranteed Minimum Future Value

This is how much your car will be worth at the end of your agreement. We'll deduct this and the deposit from the price of your car...

3. The difference (Monthly Payments)

...You'll then make up the difference with fixed monthly payments over a term of 37 months. Click here to watch the video.

...and at the end of your agreement you have the three options


Take the wheel of a gleaming new car. Once your agreement ends you can choose to part exchange your current model for an all-new Citroën


If you're happy with your Citroën you might want to buy it outright when the contract comes to an end. You can buy the car by paying the GMFV and an option to purchase fee, and then drive into the sunset - no strings attached.

Decided that the scheme isn't for you? When the agreement term ends you can simply return your car to Citroën, without paying a cent more.