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"For 12 years there were only men": Meet the women of Jamestown, a place starved of women until now

Áine O Donnell

Take a sneak peek at your next TV obsession.

Jamestown airs tonight at 9pm, exclusively on Sky 1.

The latest offering from the makers of Downton Abbey airs tonight. Jamestown is a drama like nothing you have seen before.

The Sky Original 8-part series follows three courageous women who leave England for a better life in the New World. The catch? Their voyage was paid for by their husbands-to-be who they have never even met. Only men have lived in Jamestown for the past 12 years and the arrival of 90 “maids to make brides” are bound to shake things up in this little colony.

Set in the breath-taking and untamed wilderness of 17th century Virginia, these three women arrive with hearts full of promise, unaware of just what lies ahead. One thing’s for sure, Jamestown will never be the same again.

Can’t wait until tonight to find out more? Here’s a chance to get a sneak peek at the three leading ladies who will be taking on the men of Jamestown and taking over our Friday nights:



Farm girl Alice is very grateful to be coming to the New World in hope of a better life. As payment for her travel, she was promised to a brutish man of few words called Henry. After stepping off the boat in the Land of Opportunity, she is met by Henry’s kindly brother, Silas. Tormented by her new husband Henry, everything seems to stack up against Alice but in Silas, she finds a reason to go on. After fleeing from her dark past in England, will she risk her new future by taking a chance on love?

Alice is played by actress Sophie Rundle. She has guest starred in a string of dramas like Happy Valley and Call The Midwife but she is best known as Ada Shelby in Brummie gang series Peaky Blinders.



For Verity, moving to the New World is a fresh start. Leaving her troubled past in England behind, she arrives in Jamestown and fears she has made a mistake. With no sign of her husband-to-be to collect her from the boat, she wanders the colony looking for him. She comes across her husband and the town publican, Meredith Rutter, nailed to a post by his ear for being drunk. Verity’s misfortune doesn’t end there. Fiery and outspoken, she immediately rubs the patriarchal authorities in the colony up the wrong way.

Niamh Walsh plays the role of Verity. If you hadn’t guessed by her name already, Walsh was born in Ireland but raised in Malaysia. Jamestown is her first major acting gig, having previously starred in hospital soap Holby City.



While Alice and Verity struggle with their new husbands, Jocelyn is the one creating problems for hers. Forced to leave England after making a terrible and irreversible mistake, Jocelyn is married to earnest Jamestown settler Samuel. What exactly has poor Samuel let himself in for? Well-versed in the ways of high society, Jocelyn sets her sights on power whatever it takes. The social climber is determined to advance her standing in Jamestown, dragging her meek husband along for the ride. She has a sharp tongue but behind it all she is hiding a dark secret which could be her downfall.

Naomi Battrick is the actress behind Jocelyn. Battrick started off her career as a child actress appearing in The Bill. In recent years, she had a recurring role in school drama Waterloo Road.

Jamestown is available exclusively on Sky 1 tonight at 9pm and for the next 7 Fridays.

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