Saturday 15 December 2018

Finished college? An exciting opportunity awaits

Finishing college is an exciting time. All those late nights, long lectures and early mornings have finally paid off.  Student life has it perks, of course, but after four years of study most graduates are looking to the next exciting chapter of their life.

2018 is a fantastic time to be a graduate in Ireland. With a buoyant economy and more and more global companies choosing Ireland as their European base, the opportunities for driven, determined graduates seem endless. Often the hardest part is deciding what exactly you want to do next.

Certainly, you want something rewarding. A challenging environment, in which you are pushed to produce your best work, also tops the list. But these days, graduates want something more. They value flexibility and the opportunity to travel as much as they do a competitive wage and pension.

They seek out roles that offer real responsibility and are drawn to companies that give them the freedom to be in charge of their own diary. And a new set of wheels wouldn’t go astray, either.

Aldi offers one of the most exciting, rewarding Graduate Programmes in Ireland today. The Graduate Area Manager Training Programme is a real launch pad for graduate talent keen to build a successful career in retail. Their reputation as a leading graduate workplace is nothing new either; Aldi has featured in the gradireland ‘Top 100 Leading Graduate Employers’ for the past decade and currently occupy 3rd position within ‘The Times Top 100 Graduate Employers’ (the highest ranking of any retailer).

Graduates receive incredible support and training from their assigned, dedicated mentor. This allows graduates to thrive as they produce their own solutions to real-life situations all while knowing they have the guidance of their mentor and senior colleagues.

So, what exactly does a year in the life of a Graduate at Aldi look like?

Firstly, graduates spend time one-to-one with experienced senior colleagues who will give them an in-depth overview of what it takes to become an Area Manager. They’ll have a mentor throughout their first year to give them support and training whenever needed. Then, it’s time to get hands on.

Graduates will get to know their products, stores, customer service and store management approach over the first three months. There will of course be some shelf stacking required, as well as a week’s holiday.

After this three-month period, graduates could be holding a set of keys to their very first store. Over the next few months, they’ll really get a taste for the job as they take charge of stores, order products and manage teams. There are also workshops with regional experts to get an understanding of all aspects of the role, from HR processes to Accounts and Trading.

At the end of the year’s training graduates will experience a five-week stint as an Area Manager, putting all the skills and techniques they’ve learned over the year to the test. This is a particularly exciting time, in which Graduates will be able to realise just how much they have developed. After completing this initial year, newly appointed Area Managers will take charge of their own area, comprising of 3-4 stores, and be able to put their own stamp on the role.

The Graduate starting salary is a phenomenal €61,000 (that rises to €99,600 after only four years) and graduates receive five weeks annual leave. As for that aforementioned set of wheels? As an Area Manager you’ll be travelling in style in a fully expensed Audi A4.

There are huge opportunities for Area Managers to thrive in a fast paced environment where they will be encouraged to go all the way. Many of Aldi’s Senior Directors have come from the Area Manager role - including the CEO. The opportunities with Aldi really are boundless as they offer the chance for their most promising employees to go on international secondment and experience life with Aldi in another country.

Aldi’s international presence extends from Ireland and the UK to North America, Germany, Hong Kong and Australia. With over 115,000 employees in 9,340 stores throughout nine countries, Aldi really is a global workplace.

Graduates are also exposed to exciting new projects the company is undertaking, that take them outside their usual duties and allow them to flourish in the fields of technology, business and retail. Aldi has long been a pioneer in the supermarket industry and their game-changing approach to doing business continues to underscore the company’s ethos. As well as performing their Area Managers duties, graduates could also be developing efficient technologies that could end up in Aldi stores worldwide, or assisting the rollout of streamlined functionalities across regions.

If that sounds like a lot to fit into one year, it is, but the opportunity for graduates to succeed is ‘like no other’. Aldi recruits year-round but, unsurprisingly, places fill up fast.

If you are ready for the challenge of a lifetime, click here to apply for the Graduate Area Manager Training Programme with Aldi now.

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