Monday 17 June 2019

Faster, better, stronger: A new service is offering improved internet access for Irish businesses

Internet connectivity is essential for most Irish businesses but a new service from Magnet Networks is set to revolutionise the way companies access the internet.

Good connectivity is the cornerstone of modern business and it’s not just high-tech companies that require a fast, consistent service. These days, slow or unreliable internet access can reduce almost any company’s daily output, bring day-to-day operations grinding to a halt, or even cause reputational damage.

Magnet Networks has wholesale access to competitors’ networks to offer its customers all of Ireland’s existing business connectivity options in one place. Combining its own network capability with its competitors’ networks, the company has now established the country’s first “single marketplace of connectivity”.

“The single marketplace allows businesses to make one phone call and find out all of the options that are available,” explains Magnet Networks Ireland Managing Director, Stephen Brewer. “Of course, they could call all the other providers but what this will do is not just make it simple to buy it. It will make it simple to own it, run with it, and to get support when you need it.”

Magnet Networks Ireland MD Stephen Brewer

Magnet Networks’ Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) offers its customers a direct connection to this larger, available wholesale network. That means it can provide an affordable, ultra-reliable internet service for businesses that’s available virtually anywhere in the country.

“The advantage of DIA is that customers are guaranteed a certain level of service 24/7,” he adds. “With regular broadband, you’re subject to how many people are using the line, the time of day and how busy it might be. With DIA, a circuit is brought directly into the business and it’s only for that business.

“So there will never be a day where it is slower than it was yesterday. It will always work at whatever speed you purchased, whether that is 50mbps, 100mbps or higher.”

Magnet Network’s DIA provides businesses with exclusive access to their own internet circuit, whether that is via fibre, wireless or satellite. In simple terms, that’s like driving to your destination on an empty road while your competitors take their chances with heavy traffic.

Speed isn’t the only advantage of the new DIA. Each circuit also comes with a 99.97 service level agreement (SLA), which is one of the most competitive SLA’s in the country. Essentially, that means that you’re guaranteed a fast response and resolution should you encounter any issues with your circuit.

"Can you afford not to be connected?”

Although cheaper broadband options may be available, business owners need to consider if these options put their business at risk.

“If your business relies on broadband, or connectivity to the cloud all the time, then you need to have the service that will deliver all of the time – not some of the time.

“Weigh up the cost. If your circuit is not available, what does that mean for your business? That’s the key question for any business owner. Can you afford not to be connected?”

This type of high-speed, exclusive connectivity would once have been provided by lease lines but business owners would have paid four figure sums for this service every month. Magnet Networks is now offering DIA from as low as €290 a month, making exceptional service an affordable reality for Irish businesses.

“Businesses around the country who are paying massive costs for legacy lines are entitled to know that there’s a faster and better value option available to them through DIA,” says Mr Brewer.

Connectivity is now an essential part of business infrastructure and as important as electricity or heating. Poor connectivity can potentially result in lost business or reduced productivity.

It’s not just an issue that affects multinationals or companies in the tech sector. Security companies that remotely monitor sites can’t do that without connectivity. Even a bakery needs connectivity to know how many orders it needs to fulfil for a given day. Internet access could also be the difference between a good and bad hotel review if a disgruntled customer complains about the WiFi.

Magnet Networks constantly monitor their network for any issues, guarantee customers a quick resolution to technical problems and have an award-winning contact centre to deal with customer queries or problems. 

“The biggest advantage we offer is that we answer the phone. We encourage customers to call with any problems.

“With DIA, we’re monitoring the circuits all the time. We’ll probably know if there’s a problem before you even call it in and our team will most likely be on it and trying to resolve it.”

Magnet Networks DIA combines choice with affordability. Customers can choose from a range of speeds, connections and contracts. They can also upgrade their DIA speeds should their business needs grow within the term of their contract.

For more information on Dedicated Internet Access, check out the Magnet Networks website.

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