Thursday 24 May 2018

Excitement builds around Team Ireland as the nation looks forward to Rio 2016

Our nation excitedly awaits what Team Ireland has in store for us. Official energy partner to Team Ireland, Electric Ireland has released this inspiring video to encourage everyone to get behind Team Ireland.

The video shows powerful images that celebrate Ireland, with the underlying message being that there is power within us all to achieve great things.

Electric Ireland through The Power Within campaign, have been championing not just the talent and dedication of the individual athletes that make up Team Ireland but also the resilience and self-belief required by Ireland’s Olympians to realise their dream of competing at an Olympic Games.

11,239 athletes from an estimated world population of 7.4 billion are arriving in Rio to compete in the 311 events that make up the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. Becoming an Olympian is an incredibly difficult challenge, with only a fraction of the world’s population (0.0001%) ever earning the right to represent their country at the Olympics. In 2016, Ireland will be putting forth its second largest team.

Electric Ireland have also recently commissioned research around the Olympics, with some interesting findings. Did you know that very few Irish people (14%) are aware of just how difficult it is to become an Olympian?

Further research revealed that Irish adults (65%) feel that Irish Olympians possess un-wavering self-belief in themselves that they can compete against the best in the world. This belief is essential as they tackle the challenges they face, but sometimes belief is lacking in Irish culture.

Nevertheless, 18-24 year olds are more likely to be positively challenged by the achievements of our Olympians, with 44% of them agreeing that our Olympians inspire them to push themselves harder.

Electric Ireland, proud sponsor of Team Ireland wants to inspire the Irish public with these powerful stories and encourage people to look within themselves to find out what drives them ultimately uncovering their own Power Within, whether it’s the strength to keep pushing through the third round or to find the courage to go for that job promotion, everyone can use The Power Within to realise their dreams.

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Sponsored by: Electric Ireland

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