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Early runners who inspired a generation





Sometimes it seems like the whole country is running, but it wasn’t always like that.

Joe and Kay O’Regan completed their first Marathon in 1986 and it was the start of an extraordinary journey that’s taken them through many, many races and marathons, through dawn runs and the lashing rain, a journey they’ve been on together all the way.

The O’Regan’s have teamed up with Electric Ireland to create a video and share their amazing story of mental resilience, fortitude and their Power Within.

Speaking about what they believe The Power Within means, Kay and Joe O’Regan said, “People thought we were mad, that you don’t start running at 50, but the longest journey starts with the first step and if we can do it anyone can. The Power Within is about looking inside yourself and having belief in the things you can achieve.”


Although they may not be Olympic athletes, Joe and Kay are proof that the power is within all of us to achieve great things. Since they began running 30 years ago, they have ran 142 marathon, finishing their last marathon in June, in Cork, hand in hand. Theirs is an inspiring story, one they tell with the humility and wisdom that comes with age and that comes with the satisfaction of all they’ve achieved.

In their incredible achievements – hundreds of marathons, record achievements and personal bests they express great humility. It is not the medals or accolades that they have won that give them a sense of pride, instead it is that they’ve inspired a new generation to take up running.


#ThePowerWithin is recognising your own mental strength as your true competitive advantage. It’s about trusting your instincts, visualising your own future success, and ultimately believing in yourself to overcome any obstacle to achieve a personal goal. In order to realise greatness, each member of Team Ireland has reached inside themselves to discover The Power Within.

Electric Ireland, proud sponsor of Team Ireland wants to inspire the Irish public with these powerful stories and encourage people to look within themselves to find out what drives them ultimately uncovering their own Power Within. Whether it’s the strength to keep pushing through the third round or to find the courage to go for that job promotion, everyone can use The Power Within to realise their dreams.


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