Sunday 19 November 2017

Dream bigger – what could €130 million buy you?

Space Station travels in orbit around Earth.
Space Station travels in orbit around Earth.

Seven in ten Irish people daydream at least once on a daily basis, according to new research.  This week there’s even more reason than ever with a massive €130 million guaranteed jackpot up for grabs this Friday from EuroMillions.

But Euromillions is different.  You can dream bigger, better ..

Winning Euromillions is a complete life-changer, but better than that, it could completely also change the lives of the people around you.  What would you do with €130 million?   Here’s our top 4:

1.  Buy Your Entire Road / Village

MIAMI,USA - MAY 20,2014 : Famous art deco hotels and traffic at Collins Avenue on a sunny day at Miami Beach
MIAMI,USA - MAY 20,2014 : Famous art deco hotels and traffic at Collins Avenue on a sunny day at Miami Beach

Asked what they’d do if they won the €130 million draw jackpot, almost eight in ten people said they would share it with family and friends.  Well win Euromillions and you could do just that – and then some!  What about buying your entire road or neighbourhood? 

Spanish founder of Zara and the world’s fourth richest person, did just that in the biggest real estate deal in the history of Miami when he bought an entire block at Miami Beach’s Lincoln Road in one of the biggest real estate deals in Miami’s history in 2015.  Emulate him and you’d get to pay off friend’s mortgages, surround yourself with people you like, design the shops and businesses you want around you and set up the infrastructure (schools, shops, pubs) that you’ve always wished for.  No more complaining about potholes or lack of school places.

2.  Football – Design Your Dream Team!

A further 55% of people surveyed said they’d make “a significant donation to charity” or their “local community” before doing something like buying their own football team! (4%). 

Lifetime fan of Shamrock Rovers or Cork City FC?  What about going through a shopping list of the top players in the world and buying them up for an appearance at your club?  Messi at Tallaght Stadium; Ronaldo at Turners Cross .. build your own dream team with the help of your mates - make it come true.  You’ll be talked about forever more.

3. Curate Your Own Music Festival

Music Festival
Music Festival

Do you never miss Body and Soul or Electric Picnic?  Were you devastated when Garth Brooks didn’t make it to Croke Park and there was uproar around the cancellation of his 5 date run?  Curate your own music festival, bring in the acts that you want and you’ll be giving badly-needed support to the arts in Ireland plus giving your friends the entertainment of a lifetime.  Want Beyonce?  She was reputedly paid $2m for a New Year’s Eve appearance at St. Barts; Jay Z – he got $1m for a performance in Las Vegas. 

4. Soar in to Space And Support STEM

Space Station travels in orbit around Earth.
Space Station travels in orbit around Earth.

Want to get out of this world completely with your winnings?  Do you want to support STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths)? You get the adventure of a lifetime, an unreal experience for your friends plus help with research on space exploration.  The Space Exploration Technologies company announced that its target launching price for their space trips is $140m (€125m) (7-crew package) or $20m per seat.  You and your friends will head off in a Dragon capsule – a free-flying and reusable spacecraft that made headlines last year for being the first commercial space vehicle in history to successfully attach to NASA’s International Space Station.  You’ll enjoy a low earth orbital flight in line with Space X founder Elon Musk’s mission of “revolutionizing access to space”.

The enhanced EuroMillions game play went live across Europe this week making the game even more exciting for players with a greater number of jackpots over €100 million each year and promotional draws, such as this Friday’s guaranteed jackpot of €130 million. 

In Ireland, an exclusive Ireland-only raffle with 10 guaranteed winners of €5,000 in each draw has been be added. 

Playing EuroMillions continues to fund good causes across Ireland. To date the National Lottery has raised over €4.7 billion for good causes. This level of funding has made a significant difference to communities, projects and individuals in the areas of Youth, Sports, Recreation, Amenities, Health, Welfare, Arts, Culture, National Heritage and the Irish Language.

Play EuroMillions by 7.30pm this Friday at any retail agent outlet, the National Lottery website (, or using the enhanced National Lottery app, now available for Android and iPhone.

Play #EuroMillions and #ShareTheDream.


Sponsored by: Euromillions

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