Wednesday 21 March 2018

Do you have your Census 2016 form?


This year Census Night takes place on Sunday 24th of April and everyone must fill out a census form.

Every house and apartment and dwelling in the state should already have a Census form. If you haven’t received yours yet, you should contact the Central Statistics Office (CSO) at locall 1850 2016 04, freetext 'FORM' to 50400 or visit

The date for the Census 2016 coincides with the actual centenary of the 1916 Rising. While we’ve been celebrating the events of 100 years ago for some weeks now, we now have the opportunity to make our own mark on today’s Ireland by completing our census form.

The importance of the Census can’t be overstated. The information it provides is vital to the planning and provision of the services on which we all rely. It is instrumental in planning to help meet our needs in critical areas such as healthcare, education and transport.  It is therefore extremely important that the Census 2016 gives an accurate and detailed picture of Ireland today.

Census enumerator
Census enumerator

The last census in Ireland took place on 10th April 2011 and showed a population of 4,588,252. In the five years since the last Census in 2011, it is estimated 750,000 people have migrated to and from the country. Up to a million people are believed to have changed address. Using the data gathered from this year’s Census, we will have a better picture of how Ireland is changing, and be better able to plan for and manage that change. 

The CSO has recruited enumerators who have been delivering census forms over the past few weeks, and will begin collecting forms from next Monday 25th of April. Everyone should complete their form on Sunday, and ensure that they then keep it in a safe place ready for the enumerator. There is a legal requirement to complete the form, and anyone who fails or refuses to do so, or who knowingly gives false information on the form, may be prosecuted and could be fined up to €44,440. 

There are two parts to the census form. The first consists of 11 questions relating to the house/flat/apartment etc. you are living in, while the second contains a set of questions that must be answered for everyone in the dwelling on the night of Sunday April 24th. Most questions require just a simple mark to answer, while others ask those filling in the form to write in whatever answers are appropriate to them/the others in the dwelling on the night (e.g. date of birth, nationality, language-other than English or Irish- spoken at home). The form includes advice and assistance on how to answer the questions, and further assistance can be obtained from the enumerator, or the census helpdesk (1850 2016 04) or website ( Assistance is available for those who may have sight, hearing or literacy difficulties, and in 21 languages for those who may have limited or no English.  

Many people may have concerns over the security of the data they provide for the Census 2016. All data provided in the census form is kept strictly confidential and is used only for statistical compilation and analysis purposes. This confidentiality is guaranteed by the Statistics Act 1993, and all CSO employees working on the census are contractually required to protect and preserve that confidentiality. No personally identifiable information is published or provided to other public and private bodies. When the form is collected by the enumerator it is returned securely to Census HQ. Over the following months each form is scanned and the data that you have provided in response to each of the census questions is recorded and checked. When all of the data has been recorded it is analysed to provide meaningful reports on a wide variety of statistics.

The census is a major undertaking for the CSO and contractors have been employed to assist with specialised parts of the work. For 2016 the contract for the provision of IT systems for scanning and processing the census has been awarded to CACI (UK) Ltd., following an open competitive procurement process under EU tendering procedures. However, the role of this company is limited to the provision of and support for the census processing system. Your census form will be processed by Officers of Statistics employed directly by the CSO. No-one else will have access to your census form.


Census night is 24th April. Every home and apartment should now have a Census Form. If you haven’t please locall 1850 2016 04, freetext 'FORM' to 50400 or visit

Everybody present in the country on the night of Sunday 24th April is legally required to be included in the Census. #MakeYourMark

Remember that wherever you are on the evening of the 24th of April is where you must be enumerated and that the information you provide will help provide a clear view of our future needs as a country.


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