Saturday 16 December 2017

Ditching the ex and hooking up with the new

Robert Maguire received his first mobile phone exactly 13 years ago.

Some call me an early-adapter, while others say I’m a technology-raven; but only a handful know the truth, that I simply received a hand-me-down from my sister when she upgraded to the monumental Nokia 3210. Ever since the day I got my first mobile phone, all the while spending countless hours making my own (incredible) monophonic ringtones, I have remained with the same mobile phone provider.

I’m not sure if it’s laziness or ignorance - all I know is that I’ve never really looked at changing providers. All of this despite being enraged on a monthly basis with my network when my ‘fixed’ monthly plan comes in at nearly double my ‘fixed’ monthly rate.

So for the first time since my teens, I’m now taking advice on what network provider to choose. A quick Google online will reveal that independent research was carried out recently that made Tesco Mobile the leading network by some distance.

Essentially the research is conducted by asking the public about network provider’s service quality, customer care, price plans and more. All of this would point to Tesco Mobile becoming Ireland’s ‘fastest growing network’ in terms of quality and trust.

So as soon as I crawled out from beneath my expensive rock, I took a look at why so many people I know are singing the praises of Tesco Mobile.

Unlimited means Unlimited….

Tesco Mobile, offer great value plans where you can enjoy unlimited calls, texts & data. No hidden fees or charges and no surprise bills mean you know all your mobile needs are covered for the whole month.


The customers care for their customer care

The last time I was charged an extra €6 on my bill, I set about querying the amount. So, I called up their customer care phone number and went through this process about 30 times, before eventually hanging up: “Please listen to the following options: if you require a new mobile device, press 5; if you have trouble turning your phone on, press 6; if you have lost all patience with this system, press 7”.

With Tesco Mobile, they have an Irish-based support office available 7 days a week, from 8am-8pm, meaning you can catch them before, during or after work (or on the weekends). Not to mention their uber friendly online chat, Twitter and Facebook options.

New phone - new you

Now that I’m a bit more grown up, I’m expected to get my own phone - no more hand-me-down option for me. Can you believe it?

Tesco Mobile have some cracking offers to get your hands on some of the flashiest phones around. If you sign up to their €30 plan, you can get the Huawei Ascend G7 for free. Or, if you don’t need the full €30 whack, you can go for the €20 plan and get the Sony Xperia M4 Aqua for €29.99 upfront. You can see their full price plans, both Prepay and Bill Pay, here - have a nosey.

Free talk-time for buying your own dinner

Like me, you probably don’t live too far from a Tesco shop and if you already happen to shop there - you can receive double the Tesco clubcard points as soon as you top up or pay your monthly plan - sound. And with the new Tesco Clubcard Boost scheme, you can simply convert your €5 Clubcard voucher to €15 top up or €15 off your phone bill.

So tell your mother, tell your father, tell your friends that Tesco Mobile is certainly worth looking into as your new mobile provider. All my friends are saying it, all the reports are saying it and those price plans just don’t lie.

It’s easy to make the switch - check out for more.

Sponsored by: Tesco Mobile

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