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Did you know? The 10 golden rules of running

10 commandments for 10km.

Whether you have just started training or you are a seasoned runner, there is plenty of great guidance out there about preparing for a 10km event like the 2017 Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon.

With so many fitness experts and personal trainers posting their advice online, it is easy to get overwhelmed with all you need to know.

With the help of the 2017 Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon team, we have come up with this no-nonsense guide to the 10 golden rules of running. Ready, set, go!

1. Get in gear

Every runner knows having the right kit for training is essential. Getting your gear right means you get the most out of your training session and avoid any unnecessary injuries. Intersport Elvery’s are the apparel sponsor for the 2017 Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon, participants can avail of their expert fitting service in store for all the kit you need from great running shoes to a comfortable sports bra.

2. Warm up and cool down

While the focus of your training should be running, warming up before your run and a short cool down afterwards will help you go the distance. Make sure to stretch and start your session with a brisk walk before bringing things up a gear. End your run with a cool down session, you could even do something as simple as walking part of the way home.

3. Fuel up

Just like a car, when we are running we need plenty of fuel. It is important to have balanced meals to reach your maximum potential and be properly recovered for your next run. If you have a packed evening with work and your training, a great idea is to pre-prepare your meals so you can just heat them up when you land in the door. Short of inspiration? Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon ambassador David Gillick is posting new recipes every week here.

4. Know your limits

With the 2017 Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon just weeks away, it is tempting to start going heavy with your training. To make sure you don’t burn out too soon or get an unfortunate injury, increase your distance gradually. Running experts advise increasing your intensity by just 10% each week. If you are an inexperienced runner or just want a bit of guidance, the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon team have training programmes suited for participants of different abilities.

5. Take a break

Training for the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon is all about getting the balance right. In the run up to June 5th, you might feel inclined to go training every day. It is much more beneficial to stagger your training with rest days. By following up a heavy training session with a rest day, you give your body and mind time to recover – keeping you fresh and injury-free in the weeks leading up to the event.

6. Going the distance

When you are training every day and you start to notice improvements, your focus might switch to running faster to reach a personal best time. When preparing for a distance run like the 10km Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon, your main concern should be with increasing your endurance to reach the distance. Before June 5th, you should try your best to get in a few 10km sessions – just don’t forget to take a well-deserved rest the following day!

7. Cross training

Heading out for your walk or run every other evening can start to get a bit boring after a while. All fitness experts recommend combining your running with a different kind of exercise. Not only will this improve your overall physical fitness, it can get you excited again for your evening run. Something like a gym session, a swim or a cycle is great way to mix up your training routine.

8. Be consistent

Training for an event like the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon means keeping your training consistent over a number of weeks to reach the 10km distance. After a long day at work or when the bad weather hits, it is very easy to skip your session in favour of sitting in front of the TV for the evening. By sticking to a plan, you can ensure that you are building on your progress week by week. Need a plan to follow? The team behind the 2017 Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon have training plans available here.

9. Stay injury-free

There is no bigger setback to your training than an injury. Even if you have bought the proper kit and have been following all the rules, a niggle or strain can happen at any time. While these things often pop up by accident, there is plenty of advice you can follow to prevent any mishaps. Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon partners Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists have come up with guidelines for all the women competing.

10. Tapering off

You might think the best plan in the days before the event is to ramp up your training sessions. This will leave you without any energy for June 5th and you will feel exhausted before you even reach the starting line. Slowing down your runs by doing short, easy sessions before the event will leave you in peak condition for race day. Spend your free time getting your bag packed, the big day is almost here!

Due to demand, closing date for entries to the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon now extended to Friday May 12th 2017.  Sign up today by registering online here.

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