Sunday 17 December 2017

Delicious recipes from the Campo Viejo Tapas Trail: Chargrilled Centre Loin Lamb Chops

We spoke to Michael Collier, Head Chef of Zaragoza, Dublin, and he shared his signature dish for the Campo Viejo Tapas trail with us.

“The lamb in Ireland is good all year round and we use the centre loin chop which is a really tasty piece of meat. It wouldn’t be a traditional Spanish tapas dish though, it’s more tailored to the Irish palate. They don’t eat a lot of lamb in Spain, but it’s so popular with us we sell hundreds of kilos per year of it and would never take it off the menu. It’s the Spanish concept of sharing that it’s all about though,” says Michael.

“The lamb is chargrilled and it’s served with an Iberico ham, from Spain, polenta, a sundried tomato tapenade and rosemary. So it has the best of Spain and Ireland. Lamb is really good with red wine, it’s just a perfect match.

“The Tapas Trail has been brilliant for us. We’ve been doing it for three years. The vibes are really good and loads of customers come in for the Trail and then come back to us, so we’re delighted to doing it again this year.”

Chargrilled Centre Loin Lamb Chops

Serves: 4

Prep Time: 20mins


X2 Centre Loin Lamb Chops

250ml Chicken Stock

50g Polenta

10g Iberico Ham

5g Diced Onion

2g Garlic Chopped

1g fresh rosemary

20ml lamb stock

5ml cream


Step 1 - Dice Iberico Ham

Step 2 – Cook with Onion, Garlic and Rosemary

Step 3 – Add Polenta

Step 4 – Add Chicken Stock Slowly

Step 5 – Place Polenta in tray to cool

For the Sauce:

Step 1 – Place lamb stock and rosemary in pan

Step 2 – Reduce and add cream

Meet the Chef: Michael Collier, Head Chef, Zaragoza

Head chef Michael Collier trained in Adare Manor, Co Limerick. He has worked in Dublin’s award winning La Stampa restaurant in the heart of the city. He has also worked further afield in Sydney’s award winning Quay Restaurant.

Sponsored by: Campo Viejo


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