Wednesday 21 August 2019

Cybersecurity: Is your Company Protected?

Eleanor Collier

The threat of cyber attacks has never been more apparent in Ireland.

In a year where two of the biggest global threats against businesses were both ransomware attacks, experts warn that it’s essential that Irish businesses equip themselves to ensure that they are as protected as possible.

Ireland is now one of the most dynamic business and technology hubs in Europe and as cyber attacks increase in sophistication and scale, the race is now on for Irish employers to make the right moves in ensuring that their businesses, employees and clients are protected and empowered to succeed.

The threats are so evident that earlier this year, Ireland’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) embarked on a major recruitment campaign for experts to help protect critical national infrastructure from potentially crippling cyber attacks.

Minister of State for Digital Development Seán Kyne emphasised the importance of security for businesses across Ireland, describing the potential for cyber attacks and ransomware attacks as “unfortunately real.”

A massive 48% of all businesses in Ireland still have no cyber security policy in place and 171,000 businesses in the State could be vulnerable right now to crippling ransomeware attacks, according to a new nationwide survey by Magnet Networks.

Statistics locally and globally show that cyber crime is likely to become more frequent as while right now the more high-profile attacks are hitting the headlines, smaller-scale attacks are happening on a business level across all sectors every day and businesses are forced to play catch-up. 

Over 26% of businesses surveyed in the Magnet Networks Cyber Security Survey stated that they have suffered from cyber-attacks in the past two years, with a further 18% “unsure” if they have been affected.

“You’re either totally secure – or you’re vulnerable”

The study found that only 13% of respondents think that their business is very secure. “This is worrying,” points out Magnet Networks CEO Mark Kellett, “as in the absolute world of cyber-attacks you are either totally secure or you are vulnerable in some way.”

The snapshot from this new Magnet Networks survey of the state of Irish cyber defences, revealed that 84% of businesses surveyed have anti-virus software installed and 65% have combined this with a firewall.

While this is a positive, it’s clear that Irish businesses now need to future-proof, as the proliferation of new types of malware means that these traditional anti-virus solutions are no longer as effective as they were in the past. Because of the sophistication of today’s cyber attacks, the traditional anti-virus solutions are constantly playing catch-up, leaving computer networks vulnerable to attack.

A new initiative from Magnet Networks is offering essential protection to Irish businesses, free for six months.  “Magnet Protect is the most secure product on the market,” explains Mark Kellett, CEO, Magnet Networks.  “At the very least, as a business owner you will have six months to concentrate on the people who want to do business with you, not the cyber criminals constantly knocking on your virtual back door.”

Magnet Protect is built on the world’s leading security platform - Palo Alto Networks – and is described as “the ultimate protection for your business.” The first free six months of Magnet Protect has no strings and no contracts. You simply sign a no-fee agreement for six months and you are free to walk away at the end. 

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