Thursday 17 October 2019

Could holistic gyms be the future of fitness?

When you think of a gym, what do you imagine? A dark room with thumping music? A crowded weights section? Rows of aerobic equipment or scores of perfectly toned people who are undoubtedly in better shape than you?

For a lot of people, gyms can be frustrating and nerve-wracking places, especially if you’re only starting out on your fitness journey.

However, a new trend is emerging in the wellness industry with more and more people looking for a more holistic approach to health and exercise.

This year, Educogym, along with Educohealth are key sponsors of Vitality, Ireland’s largest festival of natural health and wellbeing which takes place on September 28 and 29 in the RDS Simmonscourt.

Ahead of the event, we caught up with Jamie Myerscough, CEO of Educogym to find out more about their holistic fitness approach and the benefits that come with it.

Fitness based on research

Educogym was founded on the results of a university study conducted by Tony Quinn. Jamie believes that this scientific backing is the reason that many people trust the gym over their competitors.

“It’s very unusual for a gym to have research at its core,” he explains. “For our study, people trained for 20 minutes a day for 12 days. It was four hours of exercise in total. The average result was a loss of 7.5 pounds of body fat. More importantly, they gained 3 pounds of lean muscle. Educogym was effectively designed to replicate that study.”

Training smart

So, what does the gym programme entail? Well, Jamie promotes a high-intensity exercise programme as this helps to combat muscle loss.

“Muscle loss causes your metabolism to slow down,” he explains. “Think of your metabolism like the engine in a car. It’s basically burning food and body fat for energy. As you can imagine, it’s a very bright, hot furnace when you’re young and then as you get older, it can cool dramatically. If you lose muscle and your food intake remains the same, you’re going to gain fat where you once had muscle tissue.”

“If you can train for 15-20 minutes at a high intensity it will help you to regain muscle and increase your energy,” he enthuses. “That’s good training because you’re doing a small bit of exercise to increase your energy as opposed to doing lots of exercises which can actually drain your energy. It’s about increasing your lifeforce.”


Body and mind

Jamie believes that in order to help clients achieve their fitness goals, gyms need to look at both the body and the mind. 

“We concentrate on getting people to create a mental blue print for success, ” he explains. “If someone can focus on the results they want to achieve, they become inspired and truly focused.  They see themselves at the end of their training programme and focus on the positive results they will achieve.

“Our training programmes offer our clients a complete 360 degree training experience.  We help clients make the right food choices, we create bespoke nutrition plans and through Educohealth’s range of the best natural supplements that nutritional science has to offer, all the while teaching them how they can focus and train for success. If you can train your body, you can train you mind and once your mind is focused and once you can visualise your goal you will succeed in your endeavours.  

“A lot of people are not very clear about what they want to achieve, which means that you get this very weak approach. Whereas if you’re very clear, very excited and can see how it’s going to happen, you train with a lot more energy and enthusiasm. Not only that but you’re much more likely to follow every aspect of your plan.”

Increase in energy

Unlike other fitness programmes, Educogym is not focused solely on weight loss. Instead, they want to improve a person’s entire life, including their outlook and energy.

“People are so concerned about losing weight. They think being healthy is being slim. But they don’t take into account what happens to their energy or life force as they lose weight,” explains Jamie.

“Often people equate being slim to being healthy but that might not necessarily be true. If you focus on having lots of energy and really building up your energy you’re much happier, you’ve got much more energy, you’re more full of life.”

Could holistic gym approaches like this one become more popular in the future? It certainly seems that way.

Learn more about the You to Super You programme at Educogyms online or visit them at Vitality in the RDS on September 28 and 29.


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