Thursday 26 April 2018

Changing the way we visit our GPs in Ireland

Video conferencing with GP
Video conferencing with GP

With the over 65 population of Ireland set to double in the next 20 year, an already struggling healthcare system is set to be exposed to huge stresses. That’s why all technological advances have to be utilised to ensure we’re getting the care we need.

The medical sector is being revolutionized by advances in technology like 3D printing and wearable technology. We have completely changed the way we prevent, diagnose and treat illnesses and we are all set to reap the benefits of a fitter and more advanced medical technology.

However, how medical services are served out, i.e. GP visits, still remains unchanged. If we get sick and need to see a doctor, we have to leave the house and sit in a waiting room full of other sick people. If we fall sick at the weekend we may have to wait until Monday until we get seen. That’s not much use to a child’s parent in the middle of the night or a relative of an elderly relative with an injury.

Yet every other sector of our lives has been changed by the smart phone you carry in your pocket. If you want to buy tickets, order a pizza or a cab you reach for your phone. Even if you want to find someone to love, you swipe your dating app. So why is the GP visit set in the past?

Remote GP access
Remote GP access

It seems wildly overdue, but there are remote GP services landing in Ireland. MeeDoc, the European leader in e-consultations is now live in Ireland. It’s a way to see a doctor at any time from the comfort of your own home, you can diagnose and treat many conditions, organise prescription renewals and receive professional medical advice.

You can discuss your symptoms confidentially with a fully licensed, healthcare professional, all MeeDoc’s GPs are fully licensed Irish GPs.  You can send messages and photos or talk face-to-face on video, the doctors can treat a wide range of issues and if needed, your doctor can send a prescription to your nearest pharmacy for you to pick-up.

Remote GP access is here to stay and very quickly will become a part of our everyday lives. It is not however, a replacement for a face-to-face visit with your family GP, it’s more a complimentary service. There is no replacement for a GP that knows you and your family well, but there is definitely a place for the MeeDoc service in Ireland to take up the slack from the under pressure General Practitioners.

MeeDoc is offering Irish customers a trial consultation for only €1 as opposed to the usual €34. Just register at MeeDoc . Download the app or try it on your desktop, the code is 1-Welcome.


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