Sunday 25 February 2018

Celia Holman Lee’s top tips for a stylish summer

Sasha Kinch

Celia Holman Lee
Celia Holman Lee

Sometimes you have the privilege of talking to someone who truly inspires and encourages you.

Celia Holman Lee is one such person. A fashion icon for decades, Celia continues to help women look their best, inspiring them by example. We spoke to Celia to get her words of wisdom on fashion and style.

How would you describe your style?

My style is very much based on what I feel is appropriate for me to wear. I have been in the industry all my life, but obviously I wouldn't wear the same things now as I did, say, in my twenties. My style is what suits my body shape, and what I feel is comfortable.

As a style icon, who are your style icons?

I suppose I have looked at them all and taken what I felt was best from all of them and knotted into them into my own version of what works. You shouldn’t mirror yourself on any one person; you can just take what works for you from them. We are all different people, different human beings and we don’t have to be carbon copies of anybody. You then have an individual style that sets you apart. It's got to be your own style.

What item in your wardrobe could you never live without?

I love a good dress! My hand always goes for my dresses when choosing what to wear. They are also low maintenance. I really am a dress person.

Celia Holman Lee
Celia Holman Lee

What are the three staple items every woman should own?

Everyone is so busy these days, with family, kids, work; everyone is juggling everything, so I think you need a good coat, something that you can throw over anything. Plus a few good dresses and a good pair of black trousers that are nice and versatile. I rarely wear flats, so I'd suggest a kitten heel that is comfortable to walk in and fits well.

What fashion mistakes do you think women in Ireland make?

I used to say over-accessorising, but now fashion changes so constantly, and that question changes with each fashion. The key thing is to get the right choice for your body shape. If you know your body shape, you can be as good a style icon as anybody.

What is the difference between style and fashion?

Style is something that is ongoing. It's the idea that you don't overkill a look, you have it, but you don't overdo it. Fashion is when you wear every element of the trend, you mash it all together because you are so keen to be "on trend". And it changes every season. Style is looking at fashion, and taking the elements that suit you, just "tipping" off them. This works for people in my age group, and maybe 40 up. It's different for a younger woman of course!

What do you think are the key trends this summer?

This season I bought some of those long knits, those long cardigans. They have a seventies feel, and are very versatile. I've been wearing nice soft trousers as well and of course all the dresses!

Celia Holman Lee
Celia Holman Lee
Celia Holman Lee
Celia Holman Lee

So what's your biggest tip to women around your age?

You have got to know your body shape. As you move through the decades, understand the different aspects of your body as they change, particularly your arms, your elbows, your knees and your neckline. Maximise your beautiful features, your face, your legs below the knee, and minimise what won't flatter you.  

Celia Holman Lee continues to inspire women both young and old. She is currently the ambassador for Oxendales and wears their styles in this article.

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