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Can the right food supplements future-proof your family's health?

Are you confident that your family is getting optimum nutrition?

Can the right food supplements future-proof your family's health?

Are you confident that your family is getting optimum nutrition? 

What your family eats now can hugely affect their health in the future.  No matter how much you try to ensure that your family is getting the right vitamins and minerals from their meals and drinks, keeping full track of everybody as they come and go is not easy.

The juggles of family life can mean that there's often a quick dash around the supermarket and no matter how conscious you are of putting fresh fruit and vegetables in the trolley, you and your family may, despite best efforts, be missing out on valuable nutrients.

40% of Irish people are ‘worried about health'

Research conducted by Sona Nutrition for their recent ‘Future Proof Your Health' campaign found that a significant 40% of Irish people are most worried about their personal health over anything else in the future.

More and more Irish families are now looking at their health holistically in order to protect their bodies for the future and visiting health food shops or pharmacies to find the best scientifically-based supplements for their lifestyles and life stages.

However despite these concerns about their wellbeing down the line, just 27% of those polled take vitamins or nutritional supplements regularly with 1 in 5 respondents revealing that they have only taken vitamins or nutritional supplements a few times in their lives despite knowing the benefits of regular consumption.

Ireland is more health conscious

According to the research results, 93% of adults in Ireland believe that Ireland is a more health conscious nation today than ever before.

Each of us has unique nutritional needs because of the changes that our bodies experience throughout the course of life.  Good nutrition is the foundation of good health now and in the future.

Optimizing your health with nutritional supplements, in addition to a healthy balanced lifestyle can help to future-proof the health of your family in 10, 20 or 30 years’ time.

Rather than a ‘quick-fix' it can be better to look at a more sustained solution to family health.  If you help to optimise your health over time, it will strengthen your body for the times it will need it the most.

Choosing the specific vitamins and nutritional supplements you truly need can be confusing.  Calcium, iron and B complex are essential for the foundations of health but At different times of life your body will have different needs so it's important to be as informed as possible about what is available.

4 key ways to enhance and supplement your and your family's nutrition

Here are 5 key occasions when it can be useful to supplement your nutritional intake and give you and your family the added edge.

1. Pregnant or planning a baby?   

Good nutrition starts even before a baby is born and then continues through breastfeeding. Pregnancy is one of the most nutritionally demanding periods in a woman's life - the rapid foetal cell division and organ development requires an adequate supply of nutrients, placing increased demands on the mothers diet.  Folic acid is HSE recommended for all women of childbearing age for its importance in the prevention of neural tube defects like Spina bifida in the unborn, also tissue growth during pregnancy, immune health and reduction of tiredness and fatigue. However Sona PregnaPlan in addition to folic acid also includes the recommended levels of 20 essential nutrients including Omega 3 fish oils, Iron, Folic Acid and Vitamins B Complex, C, D, E, and K - all essential to the development of the unborn baby. It's a good time to discuss the best supplement with your doctor midwife or pharmacist.

2.  Babies and young children - growth and development

The gut microbiota with various bacteria, among others bifidobacteria, is established in early infancy. The microbiota plays an important role in the development and function of the gastrointestinal and immune system. Sona Babybiotic is the only available microbiotic supplement for infants from birth containing 1 billion Bifidobacterium in each daily dose. Made with the strain BB12 (the world''s best studied microbiotic strain for babies). Sona Babybiotic helps reduce the incidence of diarehea, the need for antibiotics and colic episodes in babies and helps them develope a healthy immune system quickly. As children grow and get a little older, a multivitamin, such as Sona Multiplus Junior can help provide the vitamins and minerals required for healthy growth, energy and vitality and improve cognitive function, immune system development  and energy metabolism.

3. Women's health - specially tailored

Women have specific nutritional needs as they go through various stages in their life. A good multi-vitamin can give their body an added advantage in coping with their body's ever changing needs. As women move through the decades, there requirements change. From childhood to teenage years, adulthood, pregnancy and breastfeeding, pre and post menopause. These are times that a dietary supplement can help. A discussion with your GP, pharmacist or health professional will help. For example, teenage women need more calcium menstruating women need more Iron, childbearing age women need more folic acid, pregnant women need more Omega 3 fatty acid and so on.

4. Men's health

Men's health has been in the spotlight like never before with cardiovascular disease now the leading cause of death for Irish men. Irish men are being urged to watch their cholesterol and for some, a concentrated source of plant sterols like Sony Cardiocol can help to lower cholesterol, so taking the right daily intake can help maintain a healthy heart. 

Whether it's a multi-vitamin, help with sports and fitness, bone and joint care, digestive health, energy levels or brain memory and concentration, the right mix of vitamins, minerals and supplements can make all the difference to men's health.

Taking nutritional supplements and herbal remedies as part of a balanced lifestyle can help us look after our health down the line. Not only can they help make up for the many deficiencies in our modern day diet but they also help us repair, fortify and protect from the inside out to improve overall health and vitality, now and in the future.


Sona is an Irish company established in 1984. Licenced by the Irish Medicines Board, the company is the oldest established Irish producer of nutritional supplements.


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