Monday 21 May 2018

Call yourself a cheese-lover? Take our quiz

Put your cheese knowledge to the test.

In Ireland, we are really passionate about cheese. We love any opportunity to add cheese into our day – from the lunchtime cheese toastie, as an addition to the evening meal or with crackers as a convenient and tasty snack.

One thing is for sure, we really love cheese and we can’t get enough of it. Do you think of yourself as a real cheese fanatic or do you know someone who boasts about being an expert on all things cheese?

Brie-lieve in yourself and take our ultimate cheese quiz:

Cheese up your life with the National Dairy Council. The National Dairy Council is running a recipe competition to celebrate European cheese. They are inviting you to create an original recipe using cheese as the main ingredient. For more information and to see how easy it is to enter your recipe, click here.

Sponsored by: National Dairy Council

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