Thursday 22 February 2018

Brains behind the beauty: Science is the secret to Clarins’ success

Sasha Kinch

I met with Caroline Camuzat to find out the science behind one of the beauty industry’s biggest brands.

I am introduced to Caroline and I first notice her unmistakeable Parisian style and demeanour. She is warm and chatty and speaks with a strong French accent but is incredibly easy to understand.

Caroline is the Scientific Communication Manager for Clarins: she translates the highly scientific processes behind each product so that their customers understand the benefit of using Clarins without being confused by complicated jargon.

“Between scientists, we speak a different language. The truth is, the way the product is created is very scientific, and not understandable to the consumer. So we have to translate it so that it is easier to understand, and true.”

Another aspect of her role is to work with the scientist who created the new products and the marketing team to ensure a clear message is communicated to customers. Today, Caroline is launching the Hydra-Essentiel range.

Clarins Pot.jpg

“My favourite thing about this range is the bio inspiration. It’s quite difficult to develop something new in the hydration market. Everyone has done it. It is a unique need. Most of the competition has created products that have a hydroscopic molecules, hyaluronic acid, that help the skin maintain water. “

“The Hydra-Essentiel range is totally new in the market. Thanks to this bio inspiration approach, we studied the fact that the succulent plants in Madagascar can maintain water. So we decided to help the skin maintain water by itself.”

Caroline further explained in detail the science behind the range. We both comment on how complex the development of skincare products can become. Caroline has the important job to ensure the science, the research and the benefits behind each product are understood by the thousands of women using Clarins products every day.

Bio inspiration meets traditional medicine

But just how do Clarins find the innovative ingredients that go into their products like the Hydra-Essentiel range?

“There are two specific approaches to select a plant at Clarins. You have the bio inspiration, meaning you are looking for plants that are able to grow in specific environment, with dry weather conditions, sunny conditions. This is the case with the Leaf of Life in Madagascar during the dry season… we saw the plumpy leaves even after that.”

 “The second method is traditional medicine, Jean Pierre Nicola, he is in charge studying the different pharmacopeia, in Madagascar, in China, and there are the different traditional medicines, based on plants.”

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I press Caroline again by asking how they get these plants from the wilds of Madagascar into the pots that we have on our dresser at home.

“At the beginning of the project, we received the dry leaves, we collect the leaves in the lab”. She added: “You still have all the biological molecules in the dried leaves”.

Mystified by all the science magic, I decided to give the range a go for myself. I am often running in and out of meetings, from air conditioned offices to the blustery outdoors and I live by the sea as well, so my skin certainly experiences many thermal shocks and I have been looking for something to suit my skin.

I started using the range and within just one day my skin stopped feeling tight, that Leaf of Life biomolecule working it’s magic.

Given Caroline studied industrial biology, I am curious why she isn’t attracted to working in the lab with her colleagues.

“I love biology, but working in a lab is just not for me. I am not a lab person. During all of my studies, I was thinking wow, I am completely not ready for the lab. The atmosphere, the communication. So that is what is interesting in this job, you can collect the scientific data, you can still play with the scientific data you like. You just have to make it not boring.

Indeed, the very existence of a role such as those highlights Clarins’ ongoing dedication to creating skin care ranges that are steeped in science, yet born out of real skincare needs.

Find out more about the Hydra-Essentiel Range here.


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