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BD in Limerick is hiring: We talk to a business analyst to find out what it’s like to work there

Mike Sheehan
Mike Sheehan

For Mike Sheehan, the best part of working in BD is the chance to collaborate with interesting people from a variety of backgrounds on new and exciting projects.

Since moving to BD’s Research Centre Ireland (RCI), he has been able to work on a diverse range of projects that each require him to liaise with in-house experts on a range of topics and disciplines. Based at Castletroy, Co Limerick, RCI employs 200 people in software development, software testing, systems engineering, mechanical and electronic engineering, project management, quality and biosciences including immunology.

The company is currently hiring talented people in a wide range of positions so we sat down with Mike to find out what it’s like to work at RCI.

The bridge between the product team and the development team

“I work in a software development team and my job is to translate the requirements of our business stakeholders into workable items for our development team,” explains Mike, who has worked as a business analyst at RCI for just over a year.

RCI is a research and development centre tasked with creating innovative new medical products and devices.

Mike’s role in that process is liaising with the various stakeholders within the business and acting as an intermediary so that they can create the best possible products for their end users. That involves talking to product owners in the United States about the functionality that they want for the products, scientists who understand their customers’ needs, and development teams who are tasked with bringing these ideas to life.

“It’s about being that intermediary between product owners in the United States and the development team, speaking with the development team, finding out technical or architectural information and guidelines that we have to adhere to. Essentially, it’s creating user stories and leveraging the technical expertise here and the scientific expertise in the US to be able to do that.”

He points out that BD focuses on minimising the time from examination to diagnosis for patients.

“That’s really meaningful. You’re working on something that’s definitely making an improvement to people’s lives.”

One of the most important parts of his job is to make sure that whatever they produce is fit for purpose.

“We definitely care about our customers and their experience, that’s what our software development philosophy relies on. It’s important to have the voice of the customer in the room, somebody who can advocate for what they need.”

A constant learning process

Having previously worked in more traditional tech companies, the move to a medical technology company opened up a whole new world to Mike.

“When I worked in traditional tech companies that were just focused on delivering high tech products, it was a world that I was already familiar with. Whereas you come to RCI and you have scientists, electronic engineers, mechanical engineers, software developers and testers all under one roof. It’s really great to get all those different perspectives for product development.”

With each new project and release comes the opportunity to learn about different topics, to absorb fresh ideas, to investigate the space that a new product will exist in, and to take on expert advice from the company’s internal stakeholders.

“I place a lot of value on learning new things and it keeps me fresh. At BD RCI I am constantly upskilling and expanding my knowledge base.”

An attractive place to work

For Mike, the decision to make the move to RCI made sense for a number of reasons.

“I had worked with a couple of people who had moved over here and said very positive things about the company,” he explains.

“Second of all, the subject matter was interesting to me. I’d done physics for my Leaving Cert and I was interested in science in general.”

“Lastly, what the company does makes a huge difference. We are working on products that help with the diagnosis of diseases.”

With RCI’s focus on work-life balance, flexible working hours and what he describes as an “entrepreneurial appetite for trying new things,” Mike hasn’t looked back since making the move. He offers the following advice for anyone thinking of applying for a job at BD RCI.

“I would say don’t hesitate. Be confident in yourself and what you could bring to the company because BD RCI is a site that values different perspectives. They have hired people from all sorts of backgrounds and everyone’s opinion is something to be valued. Whatever your experience or background is, this is somewhere where your voice will be heard.”

BD is a global medical technology company that established RCI Limerick in 2017 as a global research and development hub located in Castletroy. BD develop innovative technologies to improve biomedical discovery, clinical diagnosis of disease and the delivery of care for patients and health care workers. 

BD is currently hiring. If you have talent and you want your contribution to count, please visit the BD careers page to see what jobs are available at RCI. 

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