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A whole new world: the live and interactive ‘virtual classroom’

Education has been completely transformed by technology.

Students are now at a point where they can achieve the best of the classroom environment and interactivity in a digital forum.

Anyone who is familiar with “online” learning might have been disappointed, or daunted, by the effort involved in managing and tracking your own online learning experience. Dublin Business School is breaking the mould with a new era of online learning, DBX.

Podcasts and apps, online classrooms, virtual and interactive learning opportunities and state-of-the art downloads have all moved education online, building virtual communities of learners keen to capitalise on these opportunities.

The brand new DBX Diploma in Project Management encompasses all of these and more, making it ideal for time-poor, busy professionals who are keen to upskill.

Here’s why more and more students look set to choose the virtual classroom in 2017:

Fast and Flexible

The fact that flexible options are now available means that students can control their pace, their location and prioritise their education at times of their own choosing. Education has now been completely opened up to anyone from a range of careers and educational backgrounds.

If you are already in full-time employment and are not available to be present on campus then online education offers a great opportunity to build on your career and qualificataions.


Online courses usually mean at least one online class per week in addition to a weekly podcast and this is usually mixed with an online clinic with a lecturer for questions and queries which can be invaluable and give that ‘lecture theatre’ experience without having to leave your home or office.

Completing the course at home also means saving money and time on travel.

Technology – the best educational tool

Technology now provides the best available educational tools, for example clinics and questions and answers in real-time with specialised lecturers, has meant that the educational experience has been transformed.

Podcasts provide another great method of learning and students can now learn about anything that interests them with a click. Web-based chat rooms and forums directly connect students with their classmates and instructors with discussions and allow for those important interactions and feedback and building of a network of connections.

Learning is for life

Learning is now considered a lifelong habit in today’s knowledge driven society. The ‘virtual classroom’ is an ideal way to incorporate lifelong learning in to your life, no matter what stage you are at. There are ongoing demands for continuous professional development. The employment landscape has changed radically with ‘a job for life’ being a thing of the past.

Online education is now considered completely mainstream and students have access to a wide range of online resources.

If you’re looking to go back to college, why not take your studies online this Spring?

DBS is Ireland’s largest independent third level college, with over 9,000 students. DBS offers a range of programmes across full-time undergraduate, postgraduate, and professional disciplines.

DBS has now launched DBX, the next generation in education with a new Online Diploma in Project Management. Places on this 14 week programme are already filling fast so it is advised to apply soon.

DBX is a pioneer in the field of education and pushes the boundaries on what is possible in education today by leveraging the latest thinking, the talents of the best lecturers and a thriving online community of students.

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