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A close call - “How a monitored smoke alarm saved my family’s lives”

Every year, Ireland’s fire service responds to a massive 12,500 fires across the country.

While some have a good outcome, others end in tragedy and devastation that lingers for years, with the ripple effect of wide ranging and life-changing repercussions.

Regina from Loughlinstown, Co. Dublin has a first-hand harrowing story that she is anxious to share with others to prevent them from a similar traumatic experience.

Her home, which she’s been living in since 1970 - “all the memories are here” - was badly damaged by fire last year but one thing saved her and her family – the early response from PhoneWatch in alerting them and immediately dispatching the emergency services. “I credit them with saving my life and the lives of my family”.

She recalls the night of the fire in clear detail: “Everybody had gone to bed.  From my point of view, I normally wake to the patter of little feet.  This time, I heard something and went to check my clock to see what time it was - there were running feet but my clock wasn't working, the light wasn't working so I thought there was a power cut."

"But it was my daughter who was upstairs and she had woken to the sound of the PhoneWatch alarm going off.  She first thought to open a window or something and get everybody out.  That was the running I heard – people running out”.

“They were there within 7 minutes”

“Then neighbours came running and said that PhoneWatch had already been on to them when they didn’t get a response to the phone call they made to us and the Fire Brigade was already on the way.”

“The alarm went off at 3.29,” says Regina.  “And PhoneWatch had the Fire Brigade on the road at 3.31. They were here within 7 minutes. That 7 minutes is the time that saved our lives because when the firemen came in to our house they had to go back out again and put on their masks as already, the whole place was engulfed in smoke”.

“The fire was caused by an integrated under counter freezer. The house was totally destroyed – absolutely everything had to go.”

‘They saved the lives of 4 little children”

Regina says that she will be forever grateful to the monitoring staff at Phone Watch.  “It is important that they know they saved our lives. There were four little children in the house. My grandson loves Superman so PhoneWatch is now called Superman in our house. The guy at PhoneWatch working that night was called Maciek. If he hadn’t acted as efficiently as he did, that two or three minutes would have made a big difference – and not in a good way”

“Luckily we chose to have a monitored alarm system. I just want the people at Phone Watch to know that what they do is so important”.

Time is of the essence – especially for Carbon Monoxide

The news headlines are constantly filled with stories of tragic fire and carbon monoxide accidents and incidents, but there is a genuine solution and safety net.  Nobody likes to think about a fire in their home but if an unexpected fire or leakage of carbon monoxide occurs, it’s extremely important you know about it immediately, enabling you to escape.

Carbon Monoxide is a particularly difficult one to detect and is responsible for at least one death per year in Ireland. A dangerous, poisonous gas, it is known as the ‘Silent Killer’ as it cannot be seen, does not smell, cannot be heard – but it can be stopped.

Monitored smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are a genuinely life saving service as early detection is critical in protecting homes and loved ones in an emergency.

With a response time of just 7 seconds, a system like PhoneWatch can mean the difference between life and death, safety or destruction.

How it works Diagram.png

State of the Art Immediate Live Monitoring

PhoneWatch, Ireland's No.1 choice for home alarm systems also offers monitored alarm solutions for smoke and Carbon Monoxide for homes and small businesses.  With over 104,000 customers, PhoneWatch is Ireland’s most trusted provider of alarms, operating with a customer satisfaction level that’s above 95%.

PhoneWatch offers an instant response to burglar, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms from their state of the art Alarm Receiving Centre in Dublin. Whether you’re at home or away, the team is monitoring alarms 24/7 365 alerting both the customer and the emergency services at the first warning signs of fire or carbon monoxide.

4 Potentially Life Saving Actions Every Day

Every year, PhoneWatch responds to over 16,700 smoke and carbon monoxide alarm activations – the equivalent of 320 each week and 46 each day.  Of these activations, these result in PhoneWatch dispatching the emergency services 27 times each week – that is 4 potentially life saving actions each and every day with an average response time of just 7 seconds.

The Home Safety system features the newest and best technology including alarm sensors with smoke and carbon monoxide detection, as well as built-in cameras and temperature sensors, giving instant confirmation of a fire.

PhoneWatch instantly responds to your burglar, smoke or carbon monoxide alarm, giving you total peace of mind. If your monitored alarm sensors activate, PhoneWatch will be on hand 24/7 with a guaranteed response to call your keyholders and the emergency services, keeping you and your family safe. A PhoneWatch home is a safer home.

For more information on getting the Home Safety System installed, get a quote on the PhoneWatch website.

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