Thursday 22 March 2018

9 reasons you might need to revise your insurance in 2016

Family car insurance
Family car insurance

Life is unpredictable so we need insurance that we can rely on. Now’s the time to review your cover for 2016.

January is a time to take stock of the year past and make resolutions for the coming 12 months. One thing we know for sure is that you never really know what lies around the corner, life is unpredictable so you need insurance that you can rely. Here are ten reasons you might need to review your insurance cover.

Remember, you should always shop around for the best value insurance on the Irish market, and as your circumstances will change from one year to another, January is a perfect time to assess the value you get from your current insurance policies and enquire about new ones. Make reviewing your insurance cover your New Year’s resolution.



If you’re buying or selling a home

If you’ve sold a home you’ll need to cancel the current home insurance policy on that home. If you’ve just bought one, your home insurance will need to reflect the current rebuilding value of your home. However, even if you’re quite happy in your home and have no plans to sell, your home could cost more to rebuild than you have it insured for so it’s definitely worth reviewing your home insurance in the New Year.

If you’ve added an extension

Many homeowners are choosing to extend their home instead of moving and adding more spacey is likely to increase the rebuilding cost of your home, therefore your home insurance policy should reflect this. Home improvements can also affect the both the buildings and contents sums insured on your home, so if you put in new flooring, build decking in the garden or put in new windows, you might want to reflect this in your insurance too.

If you inherit any family heirlooms

The true value of family heirlooms, of course, is not in their monetary value, but insuring them will definitely go some way to lessening the sense of loss should something happen to them. If you’ve got something worth money in your home that you didn’t have before you should get it insured without delay.


If you buy a new car

January 2016 is going to be a big month for new car sales in Ireland so as soon as you pick up your brand new car, you’ll need a shiny new insurance policy too.

If you’re adding a named driver to your policy

If any of your children are starting to drive in the New Year, you’ll need to make sure they are insured =When you are making any change like this it’s a good time to shop around for the best value.

If you’ve returned from overseas

More and more Irish people are returning to these shores to live and work once again. Many of them are bringing families with them too. Home, Car and Life policies need to be thought about seriously at this stage.   Be sure to shop around to get the best value you can.

If you or a family member are thinking about traveling

Some years we plan to do more traveling than others and if 2016 is one of those years for you and your family, you can look into getting a year-long travel insurance policy that could save you money rather than taking cover for every trip individually. With more delays expected next year due to heightened security it could be one of the best decisions you make.

If you’re changing job or career

2016 might be the year you finally decide to strike out on your own and set up a business, if you do you’ll need an insurance expert to guide you through the best value on the market for entrepreneurs. You might have gained a promotion, or accumulated higher earnings over the course of the last few years in which case your net worth has increased, your life insurance cover should reflect incremental changes in your income and January is a good time to do it.

If you’ve just got engaged

It can be easy to forget about insurance on an engagement ring because you’ll be thinking about the expense of a wedding and a honeymoon, but consider that home insurers receive thousands of claims for lost engagement rings every year so you would be advised to get a comprehensive valuation from a reputable jeweller and keep this with a photograph of your ring. Have your jewellery revalued every two to three years and make sure it’s covered on your policy.



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