Thursday 22 March 2018

9 reasons to make superfast broadband your New Year’s resolution

Superfast broadband2
Superfast broadband2

Life’s too short for slow Internet speeds so switching to Virgin Media’s 360 Mb package, their fastest yet, should be the first thing you do to amp up your entertainment option in 2016.

Out with the old

We’re all used to better service these days and whether you’re eating in a restaurant, getting the car fixed or having the house refurbished you wouldn’t put up with sub-standard service, so why would you compromise when it comes to something you use day in, day out and connects you and your family to the world? Virgin Media has rolled out its 360 Mb broadband package that is their fastest ever.


Superfast broadband1
Superfast broadband1

You’ll be using more data

January is here and we’re all planning to spend more time at home and consign December’s partying and nights out to last year. That means more evenings in, more movies, more Spotify and if you’re using more data, the last thing you want is the dreaded ‘buffering’ icon interrupting your evening’s viewing pleasure. Particularly if you’re looking to watch your favourite show in HD on your brand new HD TV!

Let music be thy medicine

Whether you’re spending more time in the gym in 2016, hitting the roads in those new running shoes or taking up a dancing class, music will help you move. We all have aspirations to be better, fitter, stronger and happier people in 2016 and music will be an integral part of your new fitness regime, as well as just a source of joy and stress-busting entertainment. Make more room for music in your life by downloading your favourite tunes for your MP3 player or by using a streaming service like Spotify, the Virgin 360 Mb broadband package will keep you in tune.

Spoilt for sports

Ireland defending their Six Nations title in the coming months, the Boys in Green competing in the Euros and the Summer Olympics in Rio are just some of the sporting highlights to come in 2016. Whether we’re watching live or catching up on highlights, analysis or reports the Internet is our at home go-to for sports fans. Just another reason to upgrade to the fastest broadband in the country.

Superfast broadband
Superfast broadband

It’s a big year for history

With RTE’s big budget contribution to the 1916 Rising Centenary ‘The Rebellion’ scoring well with critics, it looks like a must-watch year coming up to the Easter Rising celebrations and beyond. We can’t always be in front of the tellybox on a Sunday evening however, so many of us will be relying on the RTE Player to catch up on the series so we can keep up with the office water cooler conversations about it. With 360 Mb from Virgin Media you’ll be sure to watch it all in high definition and uninterrupted.

We find most of your information online these days and with school children digging through online archives as well as a coming tsunami of 1916 podcasts, radio shows, debates and articles will have to be well connected to be able to experience the best of what is a significant milestone in the State’s history.

It’s good to talk

We should all make more of an effort to stay in touch in 2016, and the brilliant thing about the Virgin 360 Mb broadband package is that it includes unlimited calls to Irish landlines and mobiles and unlimited minutes to landlines and mobiles in 22 international destinations. That means you have no excuses not to pick up the phone to friends and family at home as well as those gone back to foreign climes after the Christmas visit.

More devices?

Your household may have acquired extra devices over the Christmas period. That means more demand on your broadband service. Adding a couple of tablets or even streaming on phones can affect your overall streaming and download speeds. If you have expanded your data use this year, an upgrade to a 360 Mb package is what you’ll need to ensure it’s a seamless transition.

Game on

Some say gaming isn’t good for you but you could do worse than make more gaming your New Year’s Resolution. With Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, Star Wars Battlefront, Lego Dimensions and Call of Duty: Black Ops III all out in time for Christmas 2015 there are some serious reasons to get plugged in to gaming this year already. 2016 plans to be a bumper year for gaming enthusiasts with No Man’s Sky and The Last Guardian leading the way in pre-release hype.

Make 2016 the year from home

We all imagine that this year us going to be the year we do more working from home and less time commuting, chained to the office desk and in and out of useless meetings. Working from home gives you more time to spend with family and a more efficient working day. Just another reason to upgrade to Virgin's fastest broadband ever

Virgin Media have rolled out their fastest broadband ever with a whopping 360 Mb of speed for only €30 a month for four months. Click here for more details.


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