Tuesday 22 October 2019

8 travel essentials you’ll absolutely love in the brand new MINISO store in Dublin

Stephanie Buckley

Attention all travel bugs! When heading off on your travels, it pays to be organised.

It makes the entire travel process less stressful when you know you have all your ducks in a row and your neck pillow and electric travel toothbrush on hand. Failing to be organised can cost you time and sometimes money - if you need to pick up last minute bits in an overpriced airport or garage.

My new go-to shop for travel essentials like a passport holder, storage organiser bag and neck pillow is MINISO. The Japanese designed lifestyle brand have just put the finishing touches to their new store on Level 1 of the Jervis Shopping Centre. Staff have been super busy stocking the shelves with all sorts of daily essentials before they open their doors to the public on Saturday, May 11, at 11am.

The Aladdin’s Cave that is MINISO brings shoppers high-quality, colourful, stylish and affordable products. I've listed my top eight picks of travel essentials that you'll absolutely love - and you absolutely NEED for your next trip!

1. Passport holder

Eat sleep chic 3.jpg

My other half is always on passport duty when we travel. If there are multiple people in your travel squad, it's handy to have colour coded covers. Otherwise you'll spend time trying to figure out whose passport belongs to whom. MINISO have a number of eye-catching covers for you to choose from. I'm the proud owner of their lovely lavender cover completed with airplane detail.

2. Eye mask

If you like to catch some Zs during your flight, light and the distraction of passersby can interfere with your sleep. Pick up a sleep mask and up your chances of getting some shut-eye mid-flight. This cute, super-soft panda eye mask certainly does the trick.

3. Earphones

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When deciding on travel earphones, there are some important things to consider. They must be comfortable to wear, deliver good sound and be convenient to pack and carry. A pocket-friendly price point is a bonus too!

4. Neck pillow

Perhaps the most important travel essential on my list is the beloved neck pillow. Trust me, you'll sleep better on planes, trains or automobiles with the right one. A good neck pillow will provide head and neck support and be comfortable too.

5. Wash bag

Eat sleep chic 2.jpg

When packing space is limited, the last thing you want is a big, bulky wash bag. Save space and keep all your toiletries together with a simple and practical wash bag. MINISO offer an entire range of travel bags - they even have one specifically for shoes!

6. Electric toothbrush

Don't forget your toothbrush! This travel essential is so important, they even named a television programme after it back in the early 1990s (I'm showing my age). I've actually forgotten my toothbrush on more than one occasion. Meaning I've had to resort to using the complimentary toothbrush that you find in your hotel room. Not the gentle bristle kind, more like a miniature yard brush - needless to say, my gums were crying out for my electric toothbrush.

7. Storage/Organiser bag

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Storage bags are genius. They're brilliant for maximising the space in your suitcase and keep your case looking neat and tidy too. These lightweight bags feature carry handles, sturdy zips and mesh compartments for added convenience. You'll be able to navigate your way around your case with ease, knowing where all your belongings are situated. All your clothes, shoes, toiletries and accessories will stay separate while remaining easy to access.

8. Travel Bottle Set

When choosing your travel bottles, buy a set that's easy to carry and also suitable to carry in your hand luggage. The portable 8-piece travel bottle set from MINISO includes a number of different bottles to suit different needs. The set also comes with handy little tools to help you transfer your liquids, lotions and potions easily. 

If you have an upcoming trip, why not pop into MINISO and stock up on all of your travel essentials. If you're on the ball and one of the first 50 customers to make a purchase this Saturday, May 11, you'll go home with a free goody bag packed with MINISO gifts.

For more details on the high-quality, low-cost store, visit the MiINISO website or check out their Facebook or Instagram pages.

Sponsored by: Miniso

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