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8 local heroes behind a global Irish success story

Every successful company starts with a good idea, but then the real challenge starts with the task of building a dynamic and successful team to drive, push forward and grow that business.

Local heroes are the vital ingredient in the global success story that is Panadol. These men, women and families, all with their unique stories and personalities are an intricate and interlinked part of the formula that has led to a global success story which is now exporting to over 70 countries worldwide.

Panadol tablets are made in Ireland and around 6.5 billion of them are now produced and exported every year. The company has been based at Dungarvan, Co. Waterford for the past 37 years and now employs 700 people there across two sites.

Over 450 of these people are involved in the production of Panadol tablets. But who are these people and what are the unique stories and personalities that they bring to their jobs?

Dedication, passion and a great sense of community makes up the heritage and history of this company which is deep-rooted in the area. Panadol has grown to become a leader in world pharmaceuticals as the company and workforce have grown together over the years.

While the company has become global it is still very local. The company proudly embraces its ‘Made in Ireland’ stamp and the tight-knit team is working now to supply 70 markets all across the world and the global reach includes, Europe, Africa, Australia, the Middle East, Asia and America. Dungarvan is now one of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)’s major consumer healthcare manufacturing sites in the world.

Here are 8 local heroes that along with the team, contribute to this global Irish success story:

Brendan Morrissey - dedicated to community

Brendan Morrissey works on site at Dungarvan, but his dedication and commitment to the community stretches far beyond his place of work.  He is a volunteer Fire Officer at Dungarvan Station.

“I joined in the first year of Panadol production in Dungarvan. In that time the company, now GSK, and Dungarvan have grown together. Employee numbers have grown from 60 to over 450 now producing Panadol tablets. The success of the Panadol brand has brought economic benefit to Dungarvan, especially in the last decade as other traditional industries in the town closed or moved their operations. GSK and Panadol are still proud to call Dungarvan home’.


Rachel and Brendan Landers - coaching and commitment

Showing a continued commitment to strongly embedding itself locally by supporting Ireland and all things Irish, the company has partnered with RTÉ to sponsor popular high-rating TV programmes Nationwide and Ear to the Ground. Husband and wife team Rachel and Brendan Landers particularly appreciate this as they are embedded in their local team and are both coaches for Lismore GAA.

Bill O’Mahoney - ready for the coastal challenge

West Waterford, on the South-East Coast of Ireland is one of the most picturesque parts of the country however, the coastal location always brings its share of rescue missions too and Bill O’Mahoney, who works as a Packaging Operator on the Panadol lines is an Ardmore Coast Guard who is ready for the challenge at sea – whatever the mission.


Eileen Power - making a difference

The most recent €30 million manufacturing expansion in Dungarvan has transformed the local area and made a huge difference to the community and the local population. Eileen Power is someone who knows how to make a difference in people’s lives and is dedicated to doing this day after day. She enjoys working with the Panadol Team and also has a huge passion for giving back to her community. Eileen is a Special Olympics volunteer and her son is a successful, medal-winning competitor in equine events.


Damian Travers and Robert Power - going the extra mile 

Damian Travers and Robert Power, who both work with the Panadol team, are also both members of the Dungarvan cycling club and Robert is also a former Olympic cyclist as well. These athletes are always pushing themselves to go that extra mile in life and at their singular pursuit of being the best that they can be in the cycling sphere.

Raivis Zakis – going to the extreme

While Raivis Zakis works on site in Dungarvan with Panadol, he is also an extreme runner. He has won and competed in many races around the country and further afield and most recently was cheered on locally as he won the Waterford 2017 Viking Marathon. His drive and dedication extends to his work at the GSK Dungarvan Site and also to his extreme commitment to this extreme sport.  

Local heroes - and a global Irish success story.

As part of the ‘This is what we’re made of’ campaign, Panadol has partnered with RTE to sponsor two returning favourites; Nationwide and Ear to The Ground.

Panadol 500mg film coated tablets contain paracetamol. For pain relief. Always read the label/leaflet.

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