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5 unusual flowers that will look amazing in any garden

The humble daffodil or the ubiquitous geranium may have their place but there’s nothing like investing in some unique, statement flowers to really bring your garden to life.

Some people love striking flowers that add a swathe of colour to their garden while others prefer rare breeds that exude an exotic charm. It all comes down to personal taste and working out what would be a perfect addition to your back garden or outdoor space.

For almost 40 years, Mr Middleton Garden Shop has been growing and introducing new varieties of plants, seeds and bulbs to Irish gardeners. So we looked at some of their most exciting varieties to pick out five fragrant and distinctive flowers that would add a bit of glamour to any garden.

Orienpet lily pretty woman


A cross between oriental and trumpet lilies, the impressive orienpet lily is renowned for its massive blooms and intense fragrance. It’s pure white bloom and soft, sweet smell will bring a bit of much-needed drama to any outdoor set-up.

The sturdy stems grow taller with each passing year, returning in spring before producing an elegant display of summer flowers. They’re excellent for cutting but their size means that you might need a pretty large vase!

Set them in sunny borders or place them in large containers on the patio to enjoy their sweet scent when you’re sitting in the garden. An average orienpet lily will grow to 180cm (close to 6ft) in height and 45cm (1.5ft) in width so they really stand out from the crowd when fully grown.

Tree lilies


If you’re looking for a large bloom that’s been bred to impress, you can’t go wrong with the tree lily. Capable of growing up to 2.5metres (or 8ft) in as little as two years, they’ll make an instant impact on your garden.

One single tree lily bulb can produce as many as 30 trumpet blooms of up to 20cm (8in) in height, giving it a shrub-like appearance over the years. Its sturdy stalks are almost 5cm (2in) thick so they’ll easily support themselves and the foliage will remain lush all season.

You can grow them against walls and fences, through shrubs in borders, or in large pots on the patio. These resilient flowers will look after themselves and require very little effort to grow.

Exotic pearls (polianthes tuberosa)


The polianthes tuberosa is a great option for your border or your patio. Its fragrant clusters and tubular flowers make for an eye-catching display and the white and pink flowers give off a gorgeous, intensely sweet scent. During the evening, this perfume will waft around your entire garden.

You can enjoy this beauty in a garden or in a vase, where it will fill any room with a beautiful fragrance. It makes a great cut flower, so you can savour its delicate charms and wonderful scent for days after you put it on display.

Mr Middleton’s border garden peonies


These gorgeous blooms can illuminate your garden with exquisite shades of pink, light salmon coral or red and white. The luscious, double bowl-shaped flowers open to reveal showy golden stamens. Once blooming is complete, you’re left with a handsome mound of glossy, deep-green foliage to offset the next sequence of bloom in the garden.

These peonies will come into bloom in early June each year, regardless of the weather. Despite their beauty, they’re a vigorous and durable breed that‘s hardy enough to keep coming back year after year. Aside from needing full sun, this long-lived flower is more than able for Ireland’s cold, damp weather.

Peonies make incredible cut flowers, lasting more than a week in a vase. That means that you’ll have an abundant supply of scented cut flowers every year when it’s in full bloom.

Begonia odorosa


The begonia’s double, cascading flowers can make a real splash in any garden with their brilliant shades of pink and apricot. You can enjoy the colour and fragrance that they’ll bring to your garden from midsummer to first frost. There’s a striking contrast between the vibrancy of the flowers and its deep green foliage with distinctive bronze markings.

A begonia blooms in great quantities and they’re ideal for window boxes, containers and hanging baskets. The blossoms will tumble down over the containers and bring a blast of summer colour to your garden.

Where can you get these flowers?

All of the above varieties are exclusively available from the Mr Middleton Garden Shop, which is Ireland’s oldest and largest mail order suppliers. Today, they stock over 2,000 seed varieties and more than 3,000 varieties of flower bulbs.

In 2019, Mr Middleton Garden Shop will introduce over 100 new plant and bulb varieties including many exclusive choice varieties for the serious plant collector.

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