Saturday 15 December 2018

5 Tips to Save on your Holiday Costs this Year

Hit the beach this year and save money
Hit the beach this year and save money

Spring is in the air and with the Easter break just around the corner, we’ve put together our top tips on how you can save on the cost of your holiday this year.

1. Get the Timing Right!

It sounds simple but if you’re charged with planning the summer holiday think about your timing.  Family travelling can be expensive and if you’re finding it difficult to keep within budget, think laterally and try taking your ‘big holiday’ over the October bank holiday weekend or maybe going a little earlier at Easter or even in May.

Ask yourself, do you really have to go at peak time?  Do you have to travel on a Saturday? You could save hundreds of euro depending on the week that you pick. Look out for deals such as the Magic Monday pick of Ireland’s top travel offers.

2. Scan the Sky

The skies have never been as busy and with that comes great value. Increased airline competition means there are great deals and discounted rates on long-haul destinations. Be canny and limit your luggage, forget about priority boarding and allocated seating as it all adds up!

Check out price comparison websites such as or and save time searching through hundreds of travel sites.

Ryanair, who are now also offering accommodation, have introduced a new ‘price promise’ which means they will refund you the difference if you find a cheaper price.

3. Get Detail Driven

You may not want to think about it but it's important to drill in to your exact costs. Use Groupon and Living Social to snap up good deals in advance, try self-catering rather than full-board to take advantage of great fresh produce in local supermarkets.

If you’re shopping in some countries outside the EU, they’ll offer a refund from the local sales tax so don’t miss out and keep receipts. Check out your phone costs before you go and make sure your wi-fi is free at your destination. Many airlines let you take buggies and car seats for free so research this rather than having to sort it at the other side. When hiring a car, think size – does it have to be the biggest one?

4. Ace your Insurance

Travel insurance can be easier than you think as it can be bought online in a few minutes. While single-trip travel insurance is ideal if you travel once a year, annual travel insurance usually saves you money. It also ensures you’re covered in the event of flight cancellations, lost baggage or any unforeseen medical issues. Make sure that you carefully review the benefits of the travel insurance to ensure that you have adequate cover.

5. Try a House Swap

House swapping is becoming very popular and it’s not as scary as you think! If you want to live like a local, this is the holiday for you as most swaps include the use of a car. Sites like or are a good starting point. has properties in almost 20,000 cities and is another brilliant option for both short breaks and long stays.

Plan ahead and you’ll enjoy a family holiday that won’t break the bank in 2018!

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