Sunday 25 February 2018

5 reasons to get your hands on the new FIFA 16

Ros Madigan

FIFA 16 has just been released and we take a look at some of the reasons that make this the best FIFA to date.

Ever since July of 1993 when EA released FIFA International Soccer on PC, SNES, SEGA and other classic consoles of yesteryear, the FIFA gaming series has gone on to make it one of the most important series on the planet.

Year after year, we have seen the release of a new FIFA title - each one more powerful, comprehensive and impressive than the last. Unlike most other games, the FIFA team has 1 solid year (if even) to develop each new game whereas other gaming companies could have 2-8 years working on one single release. As such, it’s pretty impressive that FIFA can release so many new features with the hope of making FIFA 16 the best and most comprehensive football game in history.

Since the demo of FIFA 16 became available, it has been downloaded a record 6.4 million times with a whopping 13 million matches being played online. So it’s safe to say that the appetite for the game is greater than ever. We took a look at some of the new and improved features that make FIFA 16 the most sought-after game on the market:

FIFA Trainer aims to make you better

FIFA Trainer is an in-game feature that assists you in improving your gameplay and skills while you’re actually playing the game.

Video tutorials have existed in the past but sitting down to watch gameplay isn’t all that inviting. Now, Trainer allows you to play the game as normal but with the help of graphic-overlays that appear on screen that coaches you on all of the current gameplay options open to you.

So let’s say you're bearing down on goal with Alexis Sanchez, one-on-one with David de Gea, Trainer will then give you the control options for a ‘Finesse Shot’ or perhaps a ‘Chip Shot’. You can set the level of options it gives you by choosing the basic to advanced options.

This feature is a great addition for both novice and experienced users alike. Even if you’ve played the game before, you can now seek out hidden skills and tricks that you didn’t know where possible. Every little helps while you’re trying to defeat that mate of yours that seemingly plays the game day in, day out.

Improved in-game control

Everything from dribbling, defending and goalkeeping have been given a serious update in the new FIFA.

The new dribbling feature gives players a greater degree of freedom when trying to get past a defender. It has also added something called ‘No Touch Dribbling’ which allows you to choose when you touch the ball as you close in on the goal.

Before, battling against the AI (computer controlled) defenders could become a little predictable in terms of how they behave and defend. Not anymore as new features have seen AI defenders learn how to defend as a unit, focus defence on high-risk attackers and understand the pace of the game. This means the goals you do score will become even more memorable.

Similar to defenders habits, goalkeepers have been vastly upgraded in FIFA 16. New features have been added that give goalkeepers more tools to defend against certain situations, including the the ability to tip the ball over the bar when tracking back to prevent a lob.

Considering that the goalkeeper is the one player you can’t control in gameplay, this is a more than welcome addition to avoid your goalkeeper scuppering your quest for Champions League glory.

Career mode improvements

Career mode in FIFA has always been one of the focal points for any players and this year FIFA have listened to their community of gamers with a few key updates. For the first time ever you can use pre-season to play in a number of overseas tournaments.

Not only that, but you can use them to develop your squads stats, bring in extra cash for the club, phase in new talent and test out new tactics.

Another addition is the update in player training. Now you can train a particular player to improve particular attributes, giving you the control on how and what you train. This will be great as you try and mould and progress your youth players into the first team setup.

All of these changes plus a whole bunch more will make the managerial side of the game much more elaborate and interesting.

Welcome to women’s teams

For the first time, FIFA 16 will include 12 women’s national teams. Gamers can select the teams and play in match day, offline tournaments and online friendlies.

Women’s teams that will feature in FIFA 16 are Mexico, China, Australia, Brazil, Sweden, USA, Germany, France, England, Canada, Spain, and Italy.

It’s the little things

Something that makes FIFA so special is the little things that feature in the game. Be that the full licensing of the leagues, teams, players and major competitions down to the incredible amount of stadiums on display.

In order to make your matchday experience all the more realistic, FIFA 16 encompasses new weather conditions and more kick-off times than before. Not to mention the 900+ new chants captured from grounds around the world. From South America to Europe and player-specific chants, the crowd is now more realistic than ever. Some of the new chants include PSG’s “Allez Paris,” and Liverpool’s “When The Reds Go Marching In”.

New celebrations now include the ability to run to the nearest cameraman for a close-up or make a dash to the substitutes bench and celebrate with your off-field teammates.

And possibly the mother of all updates comes in the form of one of the smallest; the inclusion of the much maligned vanishing spray. Let’s hope the virtual players don’t get as annoyed as the real players when the spray upsets their pink boots,

FIFA are also celebrating the League of Ireland with a very special cover. Gracing the cover alongside global coverstar Lionel Messi is Ciaran O’Connor from Derry and Andy Boyle from Dundalk FC. Both players were picked after an online poll to find the LOI stars.

You can download the exclusive LOI cover for free right here.

FIFA 16 is available to buy now.


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