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5 Game of Thrones scenes that could predict the events of Season 8

Game of Thrones is almost back but have the creators already told us what to expect from the final season?

If you haven’t watched all the episodes so far, spoilers are coming! We’ll also be covering things that could happen in Season 8 so keep that in mind if you’d rather remain like Jon Snow and know nothing. 

Game of Thrones is renowned for foreshadowing important events, with throwaway lines or stories often turning out to be major storyline clues. Just think about Ned Stark dropping a pretty big hint about Jon’s parentage all the way back in Episode 2 of the very first season.

“You may not have my name, but you have my blood,” he tells Jon. "The next time we see each other, we'll talk about your mother.”  

Ned stops just short of giving him a “World’s Greatest Nephew” mug but it all made sense following the revelations of Season 7.

With the new season starting on NOW TV on April 15, we looked at some earlier Game of Thrones episodes to see if there were any clues that could foreshadow the events of Season 8.

1. Bran will face the Night King (Season 6, Episode 6)


Bran’s transformation into the Three-Eyed Raven has given him incredible new powers, even if it hasn’t necessarily made him great craic at parties.

Debate still rages about whether he’ll be the one to defeat the Night King. However, his zombie uncle Benjen Stark predicted that the two will face off when he rescued Bran from wights in Season 6. Benjen said the Night King would cross the wall and that Bran must learn to use his power.

“You must learn to control it before the Night King comes,” Benjen says. “One way or another, he will find his way to the world of men. And when he does, you will be there waiting for him and you will be ready.”

Bran is currently in Winterfell and he has learnt to control his powers, just as his uncle predicted. He now seems certain to face the Night King, although it’s unclear if this will be a physical or magical clash.

2. Is Daenarys destined to be hit by an arrow? (Season 7, Episode 3)


Game of Thrones fans know that the show’s writers rarely mince their words. So the three separate warnings in Season 7 about Dany getting hit by an arrow must raise alarm bells. It starts in the third episode, with Missandei warning her against taking on Euron Greyjoy’s fleet with her dragons.

“It only takes one arrow,” Missandei says. Tyrion echoes those thoughts later in Episode 6.

“Your Grace, I saw hundreds of arrows fly towards you when you fought on Blackwater Rush, and I saw hundreds of arrows miss,” he says. “But any one of them could have found your heart and ended you.”

The third warning comes from another trusted advisor, Jorah Mormont, when he warns about the danger of travelling north by land.

“All it takes is one angry man with a crossbow. He’ll see your silver hair on the Kingsroad and know that one well-placed bolt will make him a hero, the man who killed the conqueror.”

As if that wasn’t enough, Drogon is hit by an arrow from Qyburn’s giant crossbow in the season’s fourth episode. That’s a lot of arrow-related foreshadowing to include if there’s no pay off coming in the final season!

3. Bran will change the timeline (Season 6, Episode 5)


Hodor… hold the door. There was something deeply tragic about the gentle giant’s fate. When Bran warged into Hodor while viewing the past with the Three-Eyed Raven, he inadvertently destroyed the younger Hodor’s mind.

Aside from revealing why Hodor says “Hodor” all the time, it showed that Bran can influence past events during his visions. The show doubled down on this when Bran had a vision about a young Ned at the Tower of Joy and his father appeared to hear Bran.

Fans have a few theories about Bran’s links to the Night King or to Bran the Builder but one thing seems certain. The show wouldn’t foreshadow Bran’s ability to alter time unless it was going to play a big part in Season 8.

Anything involving time travel can get messy but don’t be surprised if Bran’s time-altering abilities are revealed as either the cause or the solution to the Great War.

4. Did Jaime Lannister tempt fate when mocking Jon (Season 1, Episode 2)


When Jaime meets a young Jon Snow at Winterfell, he sarcastically thanks Jon for joining the Night’s Watch and “guarding us all from the perils beyond the wall, wildlings and white walkers and what not.” The Kingsguard sneers that he’s “sure it will be thrilling to serve in such an elite force”.

By Season 8, Jon is no longer a lowly bastard seeking redemption on the Wall. He is now the King of the North and rightful heir to the Iron Throne, who is leading the fight against the very perils that Jaime mentioned.

Jaime is now on a complex journey of self-discovery, without a family and minus one hand, declaring in the latest trailer that he will fight “for the living.” He could yet find redemption fighting for Jon alongside the watchmen that he once mocked, against creatures that he once ridiculed Jon for believing in.

5. Arya’s dagger will play a pivotal part in what happens (Season 7, Episode 4)


When Bran gave his sister the catspaw dagger, it could simply have been a nice gesture. But this is a dagger of Valyrian steel (which just happens to kill white walkers) and which has been a recurring prop in the show.

Littlefinger originally gave it to an assassin who tried to kill Bran in Season 1. It was used to frame Tyrion Lannister for the assassination attempt, then reclaimed by Littlefinger, before he eventually gave it to Bran. Bran then gives it to his sister, a tiny killing machine. And Arya then kills Littlefinger with it, which is a pretty ‘on brand’ thing to do.

The dagger also pops up in a book Sam Tarly is reading in Episode 1 of Season 7, that seems to connect it to the Targaryens. Jaime also claims it once belonged to King Robert. Could he have taken it from a defeated Targaryen?

So does Bran give it to Arya for a reason? This is Bran, after all, who knows things that no-one else can know. And he just happens to give his sister a weapon that can kill white walkers, saying it’s “wasted on a cripple.”

All this build-up suggests it will play a notable part in the Great War. Given the dagger’s involvement in so many crucial moments, it seems inevitable that it will be involved in a significant death in Season 8. 

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