Saturday 18 November 2017

4 Creative Ways To Get Crafty This Christmas!

Crackling fires, sparkling lights and festive food … Christmas is a time to come together and celebrate in our homes.

If you’d like to create an extra special atmosphere this holiday season, why not get creative and crafty and add some unique and personal touches to your home?

Newbridge Silverware is at the heart of Christmas and the beautiful sparkling silver plated decorations make the perfect gift (or self gift!) taking pride of place on trees across homes in Ireland and all over the world.


From beautiful angels, to festive fireplaces, hearts, reindeers, hearts and sleighs and even Santa’s Magic Key, these evocative embellishments add sparkle and catch the light.  This year’s Christmas Collectible 2016 is an intricate ‘Dove of Peace’, the 7th edition of these dated decorations – a timeless classic.

Adding a truly unique and personal touch to your Christmas is a great tradition to start.  Here are 4 creative ways to do things a little differently and get crafty by reinventing your hanging decorations this Christmas:

1.  Festive Christmas Frame

Frames are a fabulous and really elegant way to customise your Christmas and add some sparkle.  Whether they’re on your mantlepiece, wall or dotted around tables, they’re a great way to add texture and also reuse and recycle in the most festive way!  This Festive Christmas Frame, which is simple and easy to create is sure to be a talking point in your home!

What you’ll need

Newbridge Silverware Frame

2 or 3 Newbridge Silverware Hanging Christmas decorations

Double Sided Tape

Ribbons (Green satin, Red or Tartan)

Craft or Florist Wire

A sparkly button


Start by adding some double-sided tape to the back of the frame.

Attach each decoration to some ribbon, again with double-sided tape and place on to the top of the frame. Using another piece of ribbon, cross over the edges and using florist wire secure a bow.  Add some depth with a second piece of ribbon in a contrasting colour.  Keep going with more ribbon layers if you like.  Add sparkle with a button in the centre of the ribbon, cut the edges in to a v-shape and attach the wire on the ribbon to the hook at the back of the frame.  The frame can be used again after Christmas by removing the decorations.

2  Christmas Ribbon with Bow and Button Embellishment

This is a wonderful and versatile crafty homemade decoration that can be used on your Tree, garland or Christmas wreath.  It adds an additional layer of luxury to your hanging decorations and the more you make, the better the overall festive look.  There’s no limit – only your imagination!

What you’ll need

Satin ribbon (Green, red or tartan)

Newbridge Silverware Hanging Christmas decoration

A sparkly button

Florist / craft wire


Make a bow and secure it with florist / craft wire.  Get your Newbridge Silverware hanging Christmas decoration and attach it to the bow.  Add a button to the front / top of the bow and secure it tightly.  These look great in alternate ribbon colours hanging side by side on your tree.

3. Christmas Wall Hanging

This is a Christmas wall hanging with a difference that will work equally well on doors and windows. It’s a great way to show off your selection of Newbridge decorations with the backdrop of a beautifully chosen piece of velvet ribbon.  It’s time for them to shine!

What you’ll need

Long red velvet ribbon, wired if possible

5 or 6 Newbridge Silverware Hanging Christmas decorations

More narrow piece of tartan ribbon

Small piece of red or green ribbon

Double sided tape

Needle and thread

Florist / craft wire


A sparkly button

Get your long red velvet ribbon and attach some double sided tape to the back of the top and bottom of the ribbon.  Using more double sided tape, attach the piece of tartan ribbon to the centre of the ribbon and secure tightly.  Sew on each decoration spaced out evenly along the length of the ribbon.  Make a small bow with your smaller piece of ribbon and secure with florist / craft wire.  Add a smaller bow if you like and position a sparkling button in the centre and secure with the wire. Sew on the bow to the top of the main ribbon. Display on your  wall, door or window.

4. Christmas Candle Holder

Christmas is all about candlelight.  This Christmas candle holder is the perfect centrepiece to show off your talents at the Christmas Day dinner table. 

What you’ll need

Newbridge Wine Glass

Silver spray paint

Fake cranberry mini garland

A silver round candle

A Newbridge Silverware Hanging Christmas Decoration

A piece of red or green satin ribbon

Florist / craft wire


A sparkly button

Spray paint a Newbridge Silverware wine glass.  Let it dry and then turn it upside down.  Place a matching candle on top of it and dress the bottom of the candle.  Make a bow by securing the ribbon with some florist / craft wire.  Secure your chosen Newbridge Silverware Hanging Christmas decoration to the ribbon and add  a sparkly button.  Attach the decoration to the stem of the glass. 

Once you’ve indulged your creative spirit, there’s nothing left to do except to put the feet up and enjoy the festive spirit.

Have a sparkling Christmas!

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