Tuesday 24 April 2018

3 sizzling summer thirst quenchers you’ll love

Fruit Compote
Fruit Compote

From tea with a twist with an intense Mint Mockito to caramel and vanilla with Madagascan ice-cream, your coffee machine is no longer just for coffee.

Traditionally, we’ve brewed tea by the potful, but how we consume our favourite hot drinks has changed in recent times. With coffee, we’ve seen the emergence of brewing barista style coffee at home with Nespresso machines. Now, thanks to Lipton, you can enjoy your machine in a whole new way with their range of single-serve tea capsules. 

With a few additional ingredients, you can make some delicious drinks. From breakfast to the perfect after-dinner drink, here are 3 sizzling summer thirst quenchers:

Fruit Compote
Caramel Vanilla Shake


1. Mockito – Tea with a Twist!

What you need

1 capsule Lipton Intense Mint Green Tea

7 mint leaves

2 wedges of lime

1 teaspoon of demerara sugar

2 large tablespoons of crushed ice

How to Prepare

Pop some crushed ice in a glass. Remove the lid from the Intense Mint capsule and make 200 ml of tea with your Nespresso machine (or 100 ml for a stronger flavour). Pour it over the ice and let it cool for one hour. Crush mint leaves and add them with the sugar and juice from the lime wedges. Add to the cool tea and stir.  Enjoy straightaway.


2. Fruit Compote Breakfast – Fruit Tea!

What you need

1 capsule Lipton Exquisite Earl Grey Black Tea

75g dried fruit – larger pieces cut to less than 1 cm

1 tablespoon of low fat yogurt

How to Prepare

Remove the lid from a Lipton Earl Grey capsule and brew up 200 ml of tea with your machine. Pour over the fruit, stir and let it cool. Pop in the fridge overnight to let the fruit soak up the delicious tea taste. Top with a spoonful of your favourite low fat yogurt and start your engines.


3. Caramel Vanilla Shake – A Sweet Treat

What you need

1 capsule Lipton Caramel and Vanilla Black Tea

1-2 ice cubes

1-2 scoops of Carte d’Or Madagascan Vanilla Ice Cream

Dark chocolate shavings

How to Prepare

Put the ice cubes in a glass. Remove the lid from the Caramel and Vanilla capsule and make 100ml of tea with your machine.  Refrigerate. Pour it over the ice and pop it in the fridge for half an hour or so. Blitz it in your blender with the ice cream and pour in to a glass. Top with the decadent chocolate shaving.


Take your taste buds on a holiday this summer no matter where you are!


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