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3 Health Warnings For Over 34s

If you’re about to hit your mid thirties this year here are 3 health warnings to heed right now

(1) Lifetime Community Rating is Looming

Lifetime Community Rating (LCR) is becoming a reality after April 30th next.  But what does this mean for your physical and financial health?  

It will affect anyone over 34 who has not bought health insurance before this date. A new loading will be introduced on policies being taken out for the first time by anyone over 34, at a rate of between 2% – 70% of the policy.

For example, those that are 37 when they first take out insurance will pay 6% (3 years  x 2%) extra for their cover.

The easiest way to avoid LCR is to buy health insurance no later than 30th April 2015 or for those that already have it to maintain it.  This means no additional loading, regardless of age, as long as the health insurance is kept in place.

It also doesn’t matter if the health insurance is paid for by an individual or by an employer.  There are specially tailored health insurance packages that benefit those that are in their 30s. 

When shopping around for health cover before 30th April, the key questions to ask are whether the policy has the exact benefits required for your stage in life, whether routine examinations are covered, the specific list of exclusions and maximum level of cover. One big thing to watch out for is the level of cover for public hospitals. Some insurers cover ALL public hospitals, others only some of them. The devil is in the detail on this one, so be sure and read through the schedule of benefits carefully to ensure you’re covered for your local hospitals.


(2) Skincare SOS

Hitting 34 means a health warning for skin and the bad news for both men and women is that many of the subtle changes are irreversible. 

From wrinkles to sagging skin, paleness and dryness, it’s best to use this decade to put good skincare habits, treatments and products in place to stave off the signs of ageing. 

Wearing sunscreen every day is widely advised by doctors, pharmacists and dermatologists and certain foods have also now been proven to help skin.  Avocados and eggs contain an essential B vitamin, biotin, to help fight against dry skin.  Tomatoes are a rich source of lycopene and carotenoids that fight off the free radicals that damage cells, including skin cells.

Pomegranates are said to increase collagen production, and fresh salmon contains staxanthin, a naturally occurring carotenoid that is said to help reduce lines, as well as having other broad health benefits.


(3) Truth About the Thirties

One of the biggest health warnings for men and women in their thirties is that even for those who consider themselves active, staying slim can be a big challenge because the body uses 12 fewer calories a day for each year past thirty.

The amount of energy that bodies burn while resting drops from the age of 30, which can lead to weight gain.  As this is the decade in which extra body fat easily creeps up, the thirties are a hugely important decade for putting in place the right habits to prevent health problems.  Regular health check-ups should be part of this regime.

According to Safefood Ireland, eating just 100 extra calories a day can lead to a weight gain of 4.5kg (10lb) a year.  The thirties are an important decade to get active and exercise portion control to help to improve physical and mental health and combat this potential weight gain.

But it’s not all bad news … With some interval training, core and stability exercises and a good health routine, heeding these health warnings can help to beat your body clock.

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