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10 ways to save water and energy in your home

Saving on energy and water at home can make a big difference. Here are 10 ways to save water, energy and money at home.

Saving time in the home can transform your life. Just ask the Vatican’s newspaper L'Osservatore Romano, which in 2009 made the lofty claim that ‘the washing machine did more to liberate women than the Pill’.

It sent feminists around the world into (ahem) a spin, who believed the editorial, which was published to coincide with International Women’s Day, missed the point about gender inequality entirely. You may or may not agree, but what can’t be denied, is the fact that modern domestic appliances have transformed the way we live, giving us more free time to spend where it matters.

There are increasingly more and more ways to save time on domestic chores and there a multitude of little things that, when they all add up, make a big difference. Recently however, energy and water, and by consequence, money have been the precious commodities we want to save on when doing the household chores. Here are 10 ways to save on water and energy around the house.

Energy rating

Look for the energy efficiency rating on the appliance before purchasing it. An 'A' rated appliance will use about 55% of the electricity of a similarly sized appliance with a 'D' rating. BY buying an A-rated fridge could save you €14 per annum compared to a D-rated fridge, that’s €18m nationally and 85,000 tonnes of Co2 annually.

Efficient dishwasher

With ActiveWater™ technology, Bosch dishwashers use only 6 litres of water on the Economy 50ºC programme to wash 13 place settings. If you washed the same load by hand, you would use approximately 49 litres. This means you could save over 12,000 litres of water a year. Bosch dishwashers save time and water, while also delivering perfectly clean dishes. Their VarioSpeed technology cleans dishes in half the time of a conventional dishwasher. There’s also a TurboSpeed setting which cleans and dries in 30 minutes if you’re in a hurry.

On the hob

When cooking on a hob or a stove, always cover your pots and pans with lids. This will help you to cook the food faster. Better still use a tiered steamer, it can enable you to cook your entire meal on one hob ring and save on boiling water

Efficient washing machine

With a Bosch washing machine, which uses VarioPerfect™ technology, you can have laundry that is 100% clean using 66% less energy. Incredibly, 90% of the energy used when washing your clothes goes on heating the water by washing your clothes in cold water when possible you’ll make great savings on your household bills.

Microwave more

You microwave is one of the most energy efficient appliances in your kitchen. In fact some microwaves use 30% less energy than conventional ovens. So try using the microwave if you’re making tea or hot drinks.

The big defrost

Bosch freezers have a simple defrost function that clears ice build-up in five minutes. The Winning Line fridge freezer for example, with A+++ technology, uses 70% less energy, saving you money and helping the environment. The LowFrost feature means that there is 50% less ice creation in the freezer. This makes defrosting even quicker and easier.

Tumble dry

With Irish weather the way it is, you need a tumble dryer to be sure you can get everything clean on time. The dryer can consume a lot of energy but the Bosch Winning Line tumble dryer is 40% more energy efficient than the average domestic tumble dryer. It also has a Self-Cleaning System, which uses water extracted during the drying cycle to flush the condenser, so you don’t waste time cleaning it. You can save time ironing with the anti-crease cycle option. This adds 120 minutes at the end of the programme, in which time wrinkles are decreased, so you can do the ironing in a flash.

Turn it off

lightbulbs on gray background, idea concept
lightbulbs on gray background, idea concept

You can save money, and energy simply by turning off appliances and lights when you’re not using them. By leaving appliances on standby you are using as much as 10-60% of the energy it takes to run them at full power. Lights in empty rooms should never be burning and the tap doesn’t have to run while you’re brushing your teeth.

Bright idea

A CFL bulb uses 60% less electricity and lasts 15 times longer. There are a range of efficient lighting options and if you make a small investment at the beginning you can save a lot of money, energy and the time you spend shopping for bulbs and changing them. Click here for a handy guide as to what you need to do.

Keep the door shut

When cooking, try not to open the door of the oven. You can lose as much as 20% of the heat every time you do.


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