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10 Top tips for tired eyes

Need a beauty boost? It’s no secret that eyes are the first place to show signs of tiredness and your eye contours will instantly give away your lack of sleep. But all isn’t lost as these ten tips will keep your peepers looking picture perfect.

1. Be Sensible About ‘Second Screen’ Syndrome

The phenomenon of the ‘second screen’ is all around us (when people use a tablet or mobile device while watching television). Excess use of digital devices can lead to strain and the dreaded dry-eye, so exercise your eyes by using the 20/20 rule. Need a reminder? Take a 20 second break every 20 seconds.

2. Calm with a Corrector Cream

Late nights, long days in the office, interrupted sleep, nights out...the list goes on. Calm your eyes with the right corrector cream and you’ll be able to live a little once again. Rest easy knowing dark circles are neutralised, fine lines are smoothed, shadows are illuminated and signs of fatigue are reduced.

3. Wake up your Make Up

Concealer can often make tired eyes look worse if the wrong texture is used. Instead of piling it on with a shovel, lightly apply a dewy, sheer  foundation to leave you looking lively and luminous.

4. Become a Shady Lady 

The more substantial your sunglasses, the less tired your eyes will be.  Sunglasses are a wardrobe staple year round – they’re not just a beach accessory on a sunny day. Sunlight creeping in at the side of badly fitting frames can make people squint, leading to crows feet around the eyes.

5.  Suss Out Superfoods

The perks of good nutrition extends to healthy eyes. It’s no secret that excessive alcohol consumption and processed foods will cause eyes to look puffy and tired looking. We’ve done the research – your top foods for optimal eye health include salmon, avocados, carrots, eggs, broccoli, spinach, dark chocolate, tomatoes, sunflower seeds and even garlic!  Treat your eyes from the inside out.

6. Lengthen Your Lashes

When your eyelashes are curled, your eyes will immediately look more open – no matter how tired they are.  Use an eyelash curler and then seal the style with at least one good layer of your best mascara.

7. Build Up Brows

Even if you’re totally exhausted from day to day stresses, bad diet, long work hours or children (the list goes on!) – building your brows can bosot your eyes. Softly arched eyebrows will lift your face and draw attention away from any puffiness and dark circles.

8.  Ask the Experts

Tired eyes can often be the sign of an underlying health problem and early detection can be the key to preventing sight issues.  Even if you have no symptoms, you should still visit a professional. Consult the experts!

9.  Cool it with Cucumber

It’s not just an urban legend - cucumber slices really do work wonders as a cooling agent to banish eye bags. Enjoy a DIY day spa by combining them with a cold water compress and leave them on the eyes for a few minutes for instant soothing. Voila!

10. The Secret is…Sleep!

A good night’s shut eye does more for your body than you realise. One of the main ways to avoid tired eyes is the most obvious suggestion, a solid night’s sleep. Ban mobile devices from the bedroom and ensure that you have adequate light when reading to avoid straining your sight.

Follow these ten tips and banish tired eyes with an instant eye lift!

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