Saturday 17 August 2019

10 reasons to switch to natural gas

It’s time we consigned the archaic home heating fuels of coal and oil to history and start living in the here and now. Here are 10 reasons to make the switch to natural gas.

So when that time of year rolls around, after Halloween, the Christmas lights are up on Grafton Street and the big wind strips the trees of her autumn leaves, we have to put the heating on. Here are 10 reasons to switch to natural gas.

You may already be on the network

There are many homes and business still using oil that are on or very close to the gas network. Connecting to natural gas could be a lot easier and cheaper than you think. Contact Gas Networks Ireland to find out if you can connect.

No more oil deliveries

If you’re using oil, you know how inconvenient it is ordering an oil delivery, waiting for the ‘oil guy’ to show up. You have to fork out for your heating oil in advance, there’s an unsightly hulking rusty green oil tanker sitting in your back garden, there’s the chance of some fella robbing it and there’s always the faint odour of petroleum whenever you go near it. Time to clean up the back yard, get rid of the tank and enjoy more space.

No more dreaded air locks

All oil users live in fear of the dreaded airlock. You’ve let the tank run to empty and now the oil won’t reach the boiler. At best, some servicemen can come out and clear the lines, at worst, the garden has to be dug up, there’s even the risk of an oil spill which is a matter for the Environmental Protection Agency and could result in fines or even worse. The only way to be sure it doesn’t happen is to be sure your tank never runs out. But how can you be sure? Peering into the pitch black of an oil tank looking for a small refection of your face is hardly the most reliable method, but that’s what oil users have to contend with.

Scrap the Superser

That unmistakeable sound of trying to light the Superser brings back memories of childhood in Dickensian conditions. Huddling around a Superser on a winter morning before school, chilblains from warming your feet at it and the sleep-inducing drowsiness of trying to study in the same room as a portable bottled gas heater. With gas you can control your heat to come on at the right time so you can scrap that Dalek that sits in the corner of the room for good.

Cooking becomes a pleasure

You don’t have to struggle with that old style electric hob any more. Slow and expensive, these relics of a bygone era have no place in the kitchen of today. Gas makes cooking a pleasure, instant heat with full, instantaneous control, gas is the cooking fuel of professionals and if it’s good enough for them then its good enough for us too.

Scrap the immersion

Don’t wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat because you’ve left the immersion on too long. With natural gas, you can have plenty of hot water whenever you please and it won’t cause a family crisis when you forget to turn it off.

Gas is cleaner

Natural gas is cleaner than both oil and coal. It emits less than 40% CO₂ than coal and 20% less than oil. Appliances that work with natural gas are more efficient, leading to better BER results, and a reduced carbon footprint. Allowing us to feel both snug and smug at the same time.

Gas is easy

Gas is hassle free. It’s always on. No more coal scuttles, or bags of slack carried through the house, no more cleaning out the ashes, or stacking logs and no more green strapping from bails of briquettes slicing into your palms, just instant, clean heat.

Gas is cheaper

Gas is cheaper than oil, electricity and bottled gas, which means more money for you. There’s now a choice of gas suppliers in the market so it’s easy switch and save and get the best offers by bundling your gas and electricity together.

Gas is smarter

Controlling your home heating remotely from your phone, laptop or computer is the way to go. Heating control apps help you to be more energy efficient because you only use your heating and hot water when you need to and you’ll be doing your bit for the environment too. It also means you can warm your home up on the way home from work or activate he hot water on your way back from training on a winter evening.


Gas Networks Ireland connects all natural gas customers to the pipeline network, regardless of supplier. They ensures over 670,000 natural gas customers benefit from this clean, convenient and cheaper fuel, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Click here and take the first step to connect to natural gas.


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