Friday 13 December 2019

10 great reasons to get a rescue dog

Rescue dog
Rescue dog

There is absolutely nothing better than opening your home to a rescue dog and here are 10 reasons why.


Rescue dog
Rescue dog

You’ll never forget the moment you found him

You will always remember the first moment you made eye contact with him and just knew that he was the dog for you.

So much choice

Dogs Trust have plenty of dogs of all shapes and sizes; small ones and tall ones, cheeky ones and squeaky ones, fluffy ones and scruffy ones, all ready to meet their special someone. There are dogs to suit just about everybody – big families, small families, singletons and the retired! So whatever kind of dog you’re looking for big, small, medium, fast, slow, lazy or lap, you’ll find them at the Dogs Trust.

You’ll save a dog’s life

The majority of the dogs at Dogs Trust have been rescued from local authority pounds all over Ireland, the rest have been born here on site. Not many people realise that after 5 days in the pound, that a dog can be put to sleep. If the dog has been surrendered, then they can be put to sleep straight away. Dogs Trust try to take as many dogs as they can, to help reduce the number of dogs being needlessly destroyed.

Rescue dog
Rescue dog

You’ll get character

The dogs of Dogs Trust all have their own unique story. Like humans, a dog’s experiences help form its character. Getting to know all the individual quirks of your dog will be like unwrapping the greatest present, bit by bit. All dogs are different, they have specific traits that might be relevant to their breed and they also have their own personalities too.

You’ll get the right dog for you

The dogs at Dogs Trust are checked by Dogs Trust’s own Behaviour team. They scrutinise the dogs’ behaviour to decide exactly what would be the most suitable home for that dog. When you go to Dogs Trust, they will be able to recommend dogs specifically for the type of life you lead.

Rescue dog
Rescue dog

Tip top shape

On arrival at Dogs Trust’s Rehoming Centre, each dog is screened and then assessed by the veterinary and behaviour teams to make sure that they have no illnesses or issues that need addressing. So when you go and find one you fall in love with, you’ll know there are no hidden problems.

You’ll get him home quickly

The adoption process generally takes about 5-7 days, depending on the dog. Although you’ll probably want to take him home immediately, 5-7 days will fly by as you prepare for your new family member.

More information about adoption can be found here

You’re helping to rescue another dog

The adoption fee is €130, which goes back into the centre allowing to save even more dogs.  This fee includes the dog being neutered, vaccinated and microchipped, as well as a collar and a lead, starter bag of food, 6 weeks free pet insurance and a lifetime of behavioural support from the expert team at the centre.

Rescue dog
Rescue dog

He’ll love you all the more

When you give a rescue dog a home, you’ll be a hero to that dog for the rest of its life. That’s a really good feeling, to know that you saved that dog from uncertainty and gave him a new life and a home. All dogs deserve a good home so when some are let down by humans and then get a second chance at life, that’s something really special. Your rescue dog will love you all the more for coming to his aid.

You’ll have your own story to tell

After you’ve adopted your dog, you’ll enjoy introducing him or her to your friends and family. You’ll recount that special moment you first locked eyes with him, share what tit bits you know about his or her past, and if your new family member is a mongrel, you and your friends will have fun guessing his or her breed.


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