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Watch: 10 of the best Eamon Dunphy moments from his 40 years with RTÉ

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Eamon Dunphy has announced he is leaving RTÉ after 40 years with the national broadcaster.

The former Republic of Ireland international joined the broadcaster ahead of the 1978 World Cup but informed his employers prior to this year's competition in Russia that he would be leaving having turned down a contract renewal in 2016.

He intends to focus on his podcast The Stand.

Here are some of his most memorable TV moments:

1. Rod Liddle Rage

Dunphy apologised for going on a rant about British journalist Rod Liddle in 2005 who had written a disparaging article about Roy Keane, criticising the player for his vicious tackle on Manchester City's defender Alf-Inge Haaland in 2001, which he later admitted was premeditated.

Dunphy insulted Liddle's private life and accused the journalist of penning a "racist" article about Keane and of character assassination.

He later apologised.

"It was a completely unforgivable thing to say, it was said in the heat of the moment," said Dunphy. "I apologise Rod. It was a cheap shot and I shouldn't have said it."

2. Cristiano Ronaldo is a 'cod'

Eamon Dunphy later admitted that he was "completely wrong" but referred to the Portuguese star as a "show pony" and a "cod" during his time at Manchester United.

3. Niall Quinn is an 'idiot'

Dunphy called the Ireland striker an idiot in a heated debate over Roy Keane's departure from Manchester United.

He told 2FM's Gerry Ryan radio show: "Niall Quinn writes some Mickey Mouse column in The Guardian and we all know about Mother Theresa.

"The listeners might remember him running 50 yards across the pitch at Sunderland when Roy was sent off after Saipan.

"He's a bit of a creeping Jesus and he was brought in to set an agenda on Roy and I thought it was the wrong way to discuss Roy. The guy has had a bad week.

"He's left the club he had given a lot of fantastic service to for 12 years and a lot of people are exploiting that situation to work off their own frustrations.

"Quinn is one of them and this creep, Rod Liddle, is another."

4. Dunphy attacks Terry Venables' 'character' when he was favourite for the Ireland job

Terry Venables was a 4/6 favourite for the Ireland job before Steve Staunton was appointed. Venables accused Dunphy of causing the FAI to have a "change of heart".

"How can he get away with it and how can people listen to this on a continual basis?"

Watch Dunphy's rant below:

5. Eamon's pen throwing incident

Eamon was "embarrassed and ashamed" of Ireland's performance against Egypt at Italia 90.

6. Eamon Dunphy calls Ireland a 'dump' on the Late Late Show

Dunphy took aim at the media and Irish politicians in 2012.

"It is a dump. You ask the 450,000 who are unemployed."

7. "You're not a proper journalist"

Dunphy flew out to Italy following the scoreless draw with Egypt and Jack Charlton refused to answer his questions.

8. Eamon Dunphy saying goodnight to Landon Donovan's ex-wife Bianca

"Goodnight Bianca, see you baby"

Dunphy discussed the reasons for Landon Donovan's form at the 2010 World Cup.

9. "We should have a referendum on Roy's return"

"Where did you get these guys?"

Brian Kerr brought Roy Keane back into the Irish fold. Eamon Dunphy appeared on Prime Time to defend the decision.

10. "You've jumped over the fence baby"

"It's the John Cleese look"

Eamon Dunphy and Liam Brady clashed over RTE showing clips of Arsene Wenger's body language during a Champions League defeat in April, 2008.

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