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Video: Subway launches competition to win a training session with Irish rugby star Tommy Bowe

Subway ambassador and Irish rugby international Tommy Bowe has launched a competition that will offer the winner the opportunity to win a training session with the Ulster star.

Kids throughout the country can enter the competition that will see Bowe take a team for a thorough training session where they can avail of advice from the Lions star.

Not only will the winning team win a once-in-a-lifetime training opportunity, they will also receive training gear to the value of €2,000.

“I think it’s a great competition,” he enthused.

“It’s perfect for a young team coming through and hopefully I will be able to pass on some useful tips to them,” he added.

Entering couldn’t be any easier. Each entry must consist of a team picture along with why they feel they should be chosen as the competition winner.

Bowe will be one of the judges that entrants need to impress and he is expecting a high calibre of entries. 

“I’ll be there to keep a look out for funny pictures and I’m looking forward to reading the entries.”

Bowe conceded that tackling is his least favourite part of training, coming face-to-face with some meaty forwards.

“In the game of rugby there is a fair bit of rugby., and these forwards are getting bigger and bigger.

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“Having to tackle them as a measly back is not easy and I never really look forward to contact training,” he admitted.

The Ulster and Ireland star has said in the past that his favourite Subway sandwich was ham, but he has changed his mind since.

“In the ads I said ham, but I have moved to Chicken Teriyaki.”

“It’s my number one at the minute.”

To enter, please click here.

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