Thursday 23 November 2017

Video: Spanish stars Iniesta and Cazorla don disguises to mingle with unsuspecting fans

Spain and Barcelona star Andres Iniesta undergoes his makeover
Spain and Barcelona star Andres Iniesta undergoes his makeover

As footballers become richer and more distant – financially and literally, thanks to their mollycoddling clubs and also the ever-increasing length of their driveways – from the fans that spend their hard-earned lucre, here is a refreshing video, where players actually muck in with average Joes.

Well, OK, it’s just for a day – or perhaps only an hour or so – but still, that's heart-warming, and more than we would possibly expect from elite sportsmen who kick a ball around on some grass.

Here a clutch of World Cup-winning Spain internationals use cunning disguises to slip in to the lives of normal people incognito, to understand how the other side – those of us with two left feet, can’t hit a barn door etc.

In a new advert for a Spanish mobile phone company we see Pepe Reina with hair – worth a watch alone – Andrés Iniesta with a dodgy moustache, Xavi Alonso with an even more unsual beard than he already possesses and Santi Cazorla with glasses and another dodgy moustache.

Then the superstars, including Juanfran, are scattered about kitchens, schools, nursery homes and gardens, where they literally muck in with their new teammates.

With stirring piano chords we see Iniesta peeling a potato with relish then carrying a lot of pans, Carzorla and Juanfran cracking a joke in a tea break from their landscape gardening gig, Reina at a school drawing whiskers on a child's face, and – most touching of all – Alonso helping an elderly gentleman up from his bed before shaving him.

The players talk over the top of the moving video about making the most of their opportunities and being grateful for their good fortune. The violins soar, and then we see the big reveal where the unsmasked players show the people they have just assisted they are newly humbled footballers. And then everyone buys a mobile phone, or something.

Still, it is a good use of two minutes of your time.

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