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Video: Former Celitc star Shunsuke Nakamura arcs a free-kick to hit the top of a wedding cake

Japanese television shows are known for their innovative, bizarre and occasionally brutal nature but are wildly popular; so much so they are regularly aped and imported by other countries.

Think Banzai and Takeshi's Castle. Oh, they are classics.

Well here is another game that would make great Saturday night viewing on British sets, surely. It's everyone's soon-to-be favourite bend-the-football-around-the-balloons-and-hit-the-top-of-the-wedding-cake, a challenge which appears to happen at an actual reception, with the bride looking on.

Up steps former Celtic playmaker Shunsuke Nakamura (from well outside the 'box') and, with a flash of his left boot, he expertly arcs the ball up and around the wedding balloons and directly on to the out-of-sight bride and groom figurines atop the pudding, sending them groundward, pleasingly.

It's beautiful to watch, and this game show do so again and again, in slow motion and with the reactions of various wedding guests visualised on the top right hand side. Wonderful.

Nakamura looks mightily relieved, and out of breath, strangely. It could be that he has previously been forced to complete a wedding-related assault course around the room, which has not been uploaded on to YouTube (knocking the top hat off the groom from the penalty spot? Or perhaps 'doing a Vinnie Jones' grab on the father of the bride?).

The 35-year-old, who retired from the professional game last year after winning 98 caps for Japan, was known as a dead-ball specialist. Little surprise, then, that he found this task [you guessed it] a piece of cake.

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