Tuesday 20 February 2018

Unrivalled: The Stars of 50 Years of Irish Sporting Success

It seemed like a great idea: Let’s take a very close look at the last 50 years of Irish sport and see if we can find who we think are the 50 greatest sports stars of that period, and let’s try and pick the greatest teams too.

It was, after all, 50 roller coaster years, with peaks and troughs, great successes, terrible failures.

But then came the doubts: How can we do this? Often, the greatest triumphs are those freshest in the memory so human nature being what it was any list would be biased towards the last 20 years. How could we be fair? One man’s hero in 1970, is another man’s ‘Who He?’ in 2015.

And so a judging panel was put in place, a long list was drawn up by the writers of the Sunday Independent and work began, with just one restriction – the 50 years would be divided into five decades and the judges would select 10 sports stars and three teams.

These would be the men and women who stood apart from the rest in their time. The men and women we believe adorned their sport with greatness.

These would be our UNRIVALLED cast.

And then, with 49 stars and 15 teams selected, the judges found themselves with one more place to fill, and three men all vying for it: Ruby Walsh, Darren Clarke and Ronan O’Gara. ‘Oh no,’ said one, ‘what do we do now?’

Find out, this Sunday …


Join the debate on social media using hash tag #UNRIVALLED and let us know who your choice would be. Let the debate begin.

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