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Tony McCoy


AP McCoy

AP McCoy

AP McCoy

Tony McCoy redefined the limits of what was possible for national hunt jockeys.

 In doing so he not only became the greatest of all-time but set records which are unlikely to be broken for many years, if ever.

The 4,000 plus career winners, the 289 winners in one season, the 20 champion jockey titles on the trot are milestones whose magnitude will come to seem ever greater as the years go by and they remain unchallenged.

The 2010 Grand National win may have been the emotional highlight of a quite extraordinary career, but really McCoy was all about the myriad rides at courses far away from the limelight as he patiently put together the pieces of an unrivalled tapestry of victories.

He kept the pace going right to the end, riding his fastest century of winners in the final season of his career. It will seem a smaller sport without him.

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